Danny Black
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Danny Black]]
Real name Daniel Black
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Height 6'2" (188 cms)
Weight 235 lbs. (106 Kg)
Date of birth July 9
Place of birth Unknown
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Billed from Nowhere
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Debut Jan 12 2007
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Character Background

A very young Daniel was raised by his working mother only and his father was unknown, Daniel grew up really lonely and got a very bad vision of the world due to his poor childhood, Daniel always found his escape on wrestling which keep him on this world, he has now come to WCSF, because if he cant prove he is the best on this, this life is not worth it.

Career Highlights

-Won his WCSF debut match via DQ against Intercontinental Champion Vince Viazon

-Lost in a grueling match to Reaper at WCSF Nothing to Lose.

-Lost 2-1 at Revolution 3 against Shane Doane, after securing the first fall, Black got DQ on the second fall and fell to the Golden Mark on the third and decisive fall.


Finishing Moves

The End of all Hope (180 sitout double underhook facebuster)

A Figure 4 Pain: Both Black and the defender are on their sides, Blacks pulls and locks the upper arm, while having a leg under that arm pit, Black's other leg presses his opponent's neck, Black keeps both his legs locked in a four position trapping the opponent's head.

Signature Moves

D-Black-Out: Black hoists his opponent on a delayed vertical suplex position, after some seconds, Black drops to his back but lets his opponent fall to his front in a deadly DDT/Facebuster.

The Heart Stabber: A move similar to WWE's Carlito's Backstabber, but directed to the chest instead.

The Bloody Nightmare: While his opponent is laying on the ropes ready for a 619, Black will go bounce of the opposite ropes and comeback with a deadly jumping knee to the back of the head, driving his opponent throat into the rope in the process.

Ultimate Salvation: Black holds his opponent up on a stalled reverse suplex position and drops them into a backbreaker/clothesline. Similar to Big Show's Final cut but with a lift and into Black's knee instead of the mat.

Favourite Moves

Black tends to favour submission holds like The Dragon Sleeper, The Full Nelson, The Double Chicken Wing, The Sleeper, and he tends to drop unsuspecting opponents into power grapples from the position. Like Dragon Suplex from the Full nelson and Wheelbarrow Facebuster from the Chicken wing, Black also likes to blend in submission like the Dragon Sleeper with Bodyscissors.

Black is also a hard hitter and uses the Knife Edge Chop constantly, along with several kick variations.

Black prefers keeping himself grounded and doesn't take many risks if any at all, he will rarely go to the top rope.

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