Danny Punk
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Danny Punk]]
Real name Danny Peters
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Height 6"3
Weight 236 pounds
Date of birth 24/1/81
Place of birth Los Angeles, California
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Resides Los Angeles, California
Billed from Los Angeles, California
Trainer Demarcus Kay
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Debut 2004
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Danny Peters has just come to turns with his firstborns death. He has just come back from rehab for drug and alcohol abuse and is just resurrecting his wrestling career.He has one living child named Billie.

Before Wrestling

Danny Peters was born in the hartland of Los Angeles and was the youngest of five he was severely beaten by his farther his mother died when he was five years old and his dad turned to alcohol and drugs. his four brothers all left home at the age of fifteen but Danny was stuck there until he was sixteen at this time he ran away from home and joined a punk band hence his new name Danny Punk.

The Racoon Rockers

Danny and close friend DEmarcus formed a tag team for a new indy brand called DDW he was here for four years but then went on a two year break where he met his wife he later had a child with her and went back to wrestling where he joined CBW.

Caw Blood Wrestling

Danny was brought to CBW with DEmarcus it was here they resurrected The Racoon Rockers and started chasing the tag team belts unfortunately DEmarcus died of a Heroin overdose five days before there first title shot after this Danny went into rehab to make sure it doesn't happen to him.

Family Tragedy

After being in rehab for nearly four months he found out his only child at that time had been rushed to hospital because of a car accident. after find out about this he left rehab to be with his son who past away shortly afterwards.

His Return

With the death of two important members of his life he set out to regain his former glory this time opting for singles wrestling he went back to CBW and renegotiated his contract to extend another year,it was at this time he found out his wife was pregnant with there second child a baby girl called Billie.

Ringmaster Gimmick

His first match returning was against the Brooklyn Boys where he was the mystery tag partner of Chris "cross" Samuels it was here he started using a gimmick made to intimedate the opponent and make the crowd laugh he portaryed an old time circus ringmaster who was confused and seemed demented the main stratagey of the thing was to stand and get beaten until the opponent got cocky. This gimmick was short lived.


  • SOS/Sick Or Sane(Facebuster)
  • DEcided(Running superkick)

Signature moves

  • Spear
  • Shining Wizard
  • Forarm To Back

Signature Foriegn Object

  • A Cup Of Expresso


  • The Freak
  • The Expresso throwing Freak

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