A former New Way Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, Danny Richards realised a childhood dream when he Rookie Bombed NWW Legend Scotty Mac all the way from the top rope to win arguably the biggest match of his career to date.

Since his impressive victory over Scotty Mac, Danny Richards has gone on to compete in several other promotions including the likes of R.A.G.E, ACW, BDW and SCWF.

His grand rise to success came when breaking through with several talented youngsters including the likes of Deadfolx, M.D.K., Kram, David Cyclone and a then unknown Insomnia, with the two desperate for success and airtime on NWW's flagship show TakeDown, the two would fast develop a bitter rivalry that would ultimately span three different wrestling promotions.

One particular match Danny Richards once had was with The BeeK for the NWW Championship. Although he won, it was a controversial decision because of the management putting down the BeeK. In many people's eyes, the BeeK had outroleplayed Danny Richards, however the management needed a "Randy Orton" in their federation, and they saw that in Danny Richards.

The matches between these two would propel them both to super-stardem and thus ensure their place permanently in NWW folklore.

Another proud moment for Richards came on the night of Loki Fido's official retirement from NWW. After turning the tables on an ambush aimed at Loki by General Manager Buzzsaw Brian Justin and the desperate for success Insomnia, Loki would ultimately 'pass the torch' to the rising 'Rookie Monster' Danny Richards.

After a brief spell on AfterShock, Richards would return to TakeDown to fulfil the legacy Loki left him with by beating Scotty Mac to win the NWW World Championship. Richards run was finally ended when he was defeated by Rage after weeks of twisted mind games from the latter.

Though his spell at the very top of independent wrestling was rather short lived considering the vast potential he'd shown in his earlier days, Danny Richards has ensured he'll always be remembered throughout NWW history, by both his fans and the wrestlers he worked with.

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