Danny Williams
Real name Danny Paul Williams
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Height 6'4
Weight 215 lbs.
Date of birth March 30, 1983
Place of birth New Orleans, LA
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Resides Houma, LA
Billed from
National Wrestling Federation, Xtreme Ultimo Wrestling, Wrestling Internet Federation
Handled by
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Debut 2001
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Danny "D-Will" Williams is an American professional wrestling personality currently the owner of the National Wrestling Federation.

Early History

In his junior year of high school, Williams joined his high school's wrestling team. In his senior year, he was named captain of said team and won the LHSAA Championship. He received local attention, as well as national attention as several colleges attempted to recruit him with a wrestling scholarship. Coming from a lower-middle-class family, Williams decided it would be easier for him to accept a position with a local independent promotion. In the MSW, Williams, under the ring name "Destroyer", won the World Heavyweight Championship and World Tag Team Championship twice.

XUW, Pt. I

In March 2001, Williams left the MSW (still as champion), for Xtreme Ultimo Wrestling (XUW) [1]. There he competed as Destroyer, winning their TV Title in the first sixty days there. Unfortunately for him, he only held the title for four days before being defeated. He remained in XUW but had little success for a good amount of time. He changed his ring name to "Eliminator" Danny Williams. With this gimmick, he held the XUW Submission Championship for 33 days.


In April 2001, he decided to stretch himself a bit and join a second federation, the Internet Wrestling Zone (IWZ). He originally brought the Destroyer gimmick there and, as Destroyer, was a two-time Internet Champion. Deciding it was time for a change, he decided to go back to his street roots and, after taking a week off, returned under the ring name Pimp D. As Pimp D, Williams found his most success. He captured a third Internet Championship and became a two-time United States Champion. He also was the company's final Intercontinental Champion, winning the title on the last nigh of the company's existence.


Having sat dormant on the XUW roster for quite some time, Williams decided to bring the Pimp D gimmick to XUW. Since then, he has become a two-time World Tag Team Champion and part of the Tag Team of the Year for 2006. The XUW is set to close soon, but Williams currently holds the XUW World Television Championship.


Danny Williams is the owner of the National Wrestling Federation and head of the NWF Executive Committee. Please see the National Wrestling Federation for details on its history.

Personal life

Williams has four sons and two daughters.

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