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The one and only Darker Realms and Darkside Wrestling Federation was created by Viper and Damien Death on September 5, 2005 and brought to life by a great group of friends such as Nexus, Rick Astin, Conner Pravus, Khoi Hateshi, Jack E. Breaker, Dalkiel, Sin and Gojinn to name a few, for the sole purpose of role-playing and simulating a wrestling promotion integrating the styles of matches you would see in professional wrestling such as the Wwe/Tna/Ecw.

The mechanics in matches are done on a turn by turn basis to give the combatants free reign on their imaginations and knowledge of the sport.

Darker Realms/Darkside Wrestling, is a fantasy game that brings into it the supernatural aspect of all underworld creatures Vampires/Kindred demons, spirits, ghosts Godsends, Angels, Werewolves/Garou and every combination thereof mixing the Horror genre with the wrestling and combat.

Set in present times and also times past through the DWF exclusive, Medieval board where it's players can travel back in time to any period they so wish. The Dwf exclusive Alternate Universe Board was also created is to let the player's imagination run wild in setting their chars in any alternate realm or reality they so wish. Heaven, Hell, Limbo, other planets, points in history. Future Earth, Early Earth..anywhere and everywhere...

Darker Realms brings both mortals and the immortals together in both fantasy and realistic situations where the sky is the limit on the imaginations of its very creative and talented denizens can take you. There are heirchies, alliances, feuds and every social structure imaginable.

Here you'll find all forms of "Supernatural" creatures, some inspired from Vampire The Masquerade, Demon, the Fallen and Werewolf, the Forsaken along with some video game and other influences.

SG 8:6

On October 31, 2005, Darker Realms and Darkside Federation had it's first pay per view, Straight To The Grave and has had many more pay per views along with its main "T.V" shows, Aggression and Strikezone. Recently added was the DWF Hall Of Fame and an awards show along with news and original entertainment columns created by its players.

Darker Realms/Darkside Wrestling Federation can be experienced at:

And be sure to visit our main rpg board right here:

Expanding and proudly going forward into the 21st century, the DWF continues to raise the bar and surpass the limit on creativity, originality, sportsmanship and excellence...

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