Wrestler's Name Darkstar
Height 6'5
Weight 265 lbs
Entrance Music 'Dark Star' by Fish
Hometown Unknown


Darkstar is a shadowy figure about whom little is known. He has been reported at wrestling shows throughout the world where he turns up, demolishes his foe and leaves without saying a word. Now however he has turned up with the rights to TWO SuperStars and declared it back in business under his watchful eye. Darkstar is always dressed the same, in black trousers and vest. When outside the ring he also sports a black leather trenchcoat. Darkstars blond hair is the only spash of colour on this enigma.

The night after Wrestlemania Darkstar teamed up with Trash, The Incredible Holt and Evil Gringo to create a team known as 'The Future', what this stable of sadists will do next is a mystery to all but them.

Darkstar is currently no longer the General Manager of TWOStars having lost control to Arron Winter. However behind the scene Darkstar is an active member of the TWOstars booking team.

When Winter was tripped of his power Darkstar has retaken over the reigns of TWOStars, his goal is purely to make as much money as he possibly can.

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