David Jax also known as David Jackson was born in Liverpool, England on April 12, 1983. He only ever knew his father after his mother died in Child birth. His father, Martin was also a Professional Wrestler who cared greatly for his family. David has 2 siblings. First was Craig, who made a brief appearance into Wrestling before being returned to a young offenders institution. The other Paris was his half sister, who is currently engaged to be married to Rob Slater



Growing up without a mother was never going to be easy for David. With his Dad working long hours to make ends meet, David never got to experience what could be perceived as a normal childhood. He was primed with looking after Craig and making sure his younger brother got the best start in life. This led David into trouble, and the tender age of 13 he was more frequently in the back of a police car than he was in school. At 16 he himself was sent to a young offenders institution for constant offending around the local area.

Losing his family

David lost his father to illness at the start of 2001. His younger brother was taken into care at the end of 1999, when it was found that David was unable to take care of his younger brother any longer. When he returned to find that he home and no family, David was determined to make a name for himself. This is when he turned to the industry that provided menial funds for Martin which was Professional Wrestling


Initial Training

David was trained by the same man who trained his father. Christian Reynolds was an obnoxious old man who loved nothing more than a good technical fight. Despite his insistence on mat based grappling David maintained his own style. Wowing crowds at local events around the backstreets of Northern England, David finally got his chance when a scout from the American based promotion Universal Wrestling Warfare took him across the pond in a view at long term glory.

Universal Wrestling Warfare

Wrestling under the name David Jackson, David forged a name for himself under the banner of UWW and its inferior show UWW Voltage. After a brief stint as the company's Universal Champion David was thrust into the limelight within 4 short weeks. Under the name David Jackson, he won the World Title after just 7 weeks with the company. After a freak injury, Jax was forced to forfeit the title to Essa Rios. Unfortunately the company went bust just 9 weeks later

Xtreme Professional Championship Wrestling

After his injury in UWW was exposed a work, David Jackson appeared in XPCW. But he was repackaged. The creative team in XPCW wanted to distance him from the famous Jackson wrestling name and between themselves came up with the idea David Jax. It was edgy and in the Attitude Era of WWF, it appeared to be just what they needed. Despite his success in UWW, Jax was held down by a massively political board of directors. Following a dispute between himself and then Owner and Champion Jordan Lion. After playing second fiddle and despite BEATING Jordan, Jax was forced to leave the Company and was wished well as he was handed his bags.

Internet Wrestling Federation

After nearly quitting Professional Wrestling altogether, Jax was thrown a lifeline in the summer of 2001. Jax was offered a contract fighting back in England for the company Internet Wrestling Federation, then run by Matthew Bourne. Jax took the opportunity and for the first time in his career felt at home. After Tag Title success with Jeremy James, then known as the Tag Team D.E.A.T.H, Jax really got going in the IWF.

His earliest feud was with fellow newcomer Professor IQ Patterson. Despite their differences, an uncanny respect came between the two Superstars, which has supposedly lived on to this day. Jax somehow managed to overcome the odds and defeat Patterson in a best of 3 falls match at a PPV, which cemented Jax as a Mid Carder inside the ranks of the Internet Wrestling Federation. During this transition, Jax also took on the infamous Rob Slater, whom got the upper hand in what turned into a long and trusted friendship.

After Johnathan Jones was fired from IWF, his general attitude the cause, Jax was forced to go it alone. His next major challenge came in the form of Jonnie Cresem. The Uprising Member, who generally enjoyed the better of him during their feud. Their feud centralised around the IWF Internet Title. The second title in the company, and it drew the fans from around the world. Despite Jax being billed as a Heel and Cresem as a face, the fans didn't know who to support. Jax having recently won the IWF Internet Title from Demon Child (then dual holder with the World Belt), Jax defended the title against Cresem at a PPV. Cresem, won the Best of 3 Falls match which resulted in Jax losing his first gold, just 3 weeks after winning it. Another fortnight passed, and Jax challenged Cresem to a Ladder Match, the winner taking the IWF Internet Title. The match was set, and after an epic match. (Widely considered to be the best match televised under the Madness Banner), Jax was triumphant.

Following the Cresem vs Jax feud it escalated higher. The Uprising were sweeping all in their path. The Fearsome Unit of Mark Shaw, Jonnie Cresem and Venom were destroying legends left right and centre. Jaguar being the most memorable. Jax formed his own unit in an attempt to slow the Uprising down. Hence Damage Inc was born. Supported by the main members, Jake Lakes and The Rocker, Jax tried to fight back. Unfortunately, the talent of the group was waning, and it took a massive effort to try and hold everything together.

As the company started to draw to a close, due to internal issues, members swarmed to Damage Incorporated. In the end, the group had recruited members like The Truck, Mark Murder and Jaguar to its ranks. The penultimate show of the IWF saw Jax take on Demon Child and stable member The Truck in a 2 or 3 falls match. The first making the Internet Champion, the Second the IWF champion. Jax was victorious and ended becoming the last IWF World Champion... or so he thought.

A few weeks later at a One Night Event, Jax was challenged by Jonnie Cresem in a match that would once again go down in the ages. The result was irrelevant as the crowd took to their feet. But Cresem managed to be crowned the last IWF Champion of the Internet Era

Further Information

===Coming Soon==-


Finishing Moves

  • A-J-U (All Jaxed Up)

Trademark Moves

  • 540 Flip

Championship History

  • UWW World Heavyweight Champion
  • UWW Universal Champion
  • IWF World Heavyweight Champion
  • IWF Internet Champion (x2)
  • IWF Tag Team Champion (Jeremy James)
  • PHW World Heavyweight Champion (x2)
  • PHW Tag Team Champion (Venom / Jeremiah)
  • EHWF Cruiserweight Champion
  • UHW InterNational Champion
Wrestler Statistics
Born April 12, 1983
Years Active 2000 - 2007
Height: 5'10
Weight: 185 lbs
Hometown Liverpool, England
Alighment Face / Tweener / Heel
Build Cruiserweight
Current Music "Burn Burn" by The Lost Prophets
Previous Music "Disposible Teens" By Marilyn Manson, "The Fallen" by Franz Ferdinand, "Papercut" by Linkin Park, "Burn Burn" by The Lost Prophets
Major E-fed's Universal Wrestling Warfare [2000], Xtreme Professional Championship Wrestling[2001] Internet Wrestling Federation [2001 - 2003] Purely Hardcore Wrestling [2004 - 2005], Extreme Harcore Wrestling Federation [2004 - 2005], Insane Wrestling Federation [2005-2007], Undisputed Hardcore Wrestling [2007]

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