Davie J was born in 1974 in London England. He is 6'1 and weighs between 245 lbs - 260 lbs and has been out of wrestling since 2004 but recently made an appearance in the DCW.

Davie J banner


He started his wrestling efed career in the BCWF in 1997 and formed a tag team with his friend Eddie D known as 'The Good Guys' and won the tag team titles in 1998. They held the tag titles for a record 145 days and only lost them when Davie turned on Eddie D in a handicap match against Scott Norton. But Davie joined Scott Norton as the new tag team champions known as seek and destroy. Davie remained undefeated during his time in the BCWF and was ranked the number 1 wrestler for 3 months in a row. During his time in the BCWF Davie was a member of DX and nWo Hollywood under the leadership of Hollywood Hogan. The BCWF closed down in early 1999 and Davie stayed out of wrestling until September 1999.


Davie was approached by Prez Rod of the EIWF in September 1999 to join his fed. Davie made his debut and won the United States title against Rebel Enforcer. Davie was joined in the EIWF by Eddie D and reformed the Good Guys who were very popular with the fans, they then went on to call thereselves 'the CREW' and stated a 3rd member would be joining. The third member turned out to be Hollywood Hogan(from the BCWF) and the trio turned heel and caused havoc in the EIWF. Davie won his first of five EIWF world titles when he beat Bad Dogg and then laid down for Hollywood Hogan at Evil Intensions 2000, he would beat Bad Dogg for his second world title also.



During his time away from the EIWF he joined the ICW. It wasn't long before he was the ICW World champion when he beat Bret Hart in October 2000. He held the title until he lost the belt to Slash. Then in November he won the ICW tag team titles with Sadistic Tyler Deboard, but it wasn't long before Davie turned on him when Eddie D joined the ICW and the Good Guys won the tag titles.

Davie captured his second ICW world title when he beat Slash. When Davie originally joined the ICW it was after being fired by the EIWF, Davie returned to the EIWF while in the ICW and cut a scathing promo on his former employers. A lot of the roster felt Davie had been treated badly and joined the ICW with him, such stars as Hollywood Hogan, Bad Dogg, L double E, Eddie D, Slash, Revolution and many more.

At ICW's biggest PPV entitled Justification Davie and the CREW reformed as Davie beat Slash for his second ICW World title, then over the next month the CREW would be seen in both the ICW and EIWF before going full-time with the EIWF once again.

Return to the EIWF

Davie returned to the EIWF in November 2000 at the Hell on Earth PPV. He made a big impact, he cost Kurt Angle his TV title, Metyl his United States title and Hollywood Hogan his world title. This was after Hogan turned up in the ICW and cost Davie his ICW world title. Davie returned back to the EIWF full-time as a face and at Stay True he beat 3 men to win his fourth EIWF world title when he pinned Super Fire Jr. He held the world title from December 31, 2000 until May 4, 2001, he did lose the world title to Kurt Angle on March 30 at Doomsday but Davie won the belt back on the same show.

He had reformed the CREW which was unexpected. Since then he has been a heel and he has also added another EIWF tag title when the Good Guys once again proved they are better than the rest by winning a tournament for the vacant titles.

Since returning in November Davie has been ranked number 1 in the EIWF rankings from December 2000 until June 2001. He is the only and first triple crown champion. He is only 1 of 3 people to be included in the EIWF's hall of fame. Won BCWF's 1998 and 1999 tag team of the year award as the Good Guys.

2001 has seen some good PPV wins for Davie, Fortress of Fear he beat Kurt Angle and retained the world title, Evil Intensions he beat the Rock and SFJ to retain the world title. Guilty as Charged he beat Metyl in a thrilling Iron man match. Wrestlefest he took on Super Fire Jr once again and Davie retained his world title. No Guts No Glory saw a great cage match between Davie and Metyl which Davie won by leaving the cage first.

At Battlefield 2001 Davie reunited the CREW and once again sent shock waves through the EIWF. He added an element of surprise when Metyl joined the group along with Jeff Jarrett and old time favourtie Big Poppa. The Good Guys won the tag titles twice more and held the titles for almost a year except for a 2 month period when the lost the belts. The CREW carried on strong and Davie decided to call it a day in the EIWF in 2002 and what better way to go out then by facing Hollywood Hogan at Evil Intentions. The biggest PPV of the year and what happened? They screwed everyone over again.


After leaving the EIWF Davie joined the NWL were the Good Guys won the tag titles and remained undefeated. After leaving the EIWF in 2002 Davie wanted to concentrate on tag team matches with his good friend Eddie D. They decided to tour and there first stop was the NWL(New Wrestling Legends). They won the NWL tag team titles and beat all comers as they remained defeated before the NWL closed down in the summer of 2002.


The IWA joined up to the Wrestling fans fansite as competition to the EIWF. The EWA would also join and for a short time the IWA become the number 1 ranked efed. From its inception it was teased that Davie J had joined the fed as a masked wrestler turned up in the IWA tournament to crown it's first world champion but it turned out to be Jeff Jarrett. Davie did later join as did Eddie D but for the first time they did not compete as The Good Guys as they both competited for the world title. Davie J won his only IWA world title when he beat former EIWF star Scott Douglass, Davie would lose the belt to Eddie D a month later.

Davie then joined the EWA and soon after the IWA started to struggle as the EIWf once again came back strong and the IWA closed down.


It has since turned out that Davie was hired by the EWA Prez to bring the downfall of the IWA and it has seemed to work as the IWA really struggled and then folded.. Davie won the IWA world title by beating Scott Douglass and lost it to Eddie D after they started feuding. Davie left the IWA and even dumped the IWA world title on EWA's Shockwave. Davie was in the IWA for a few months and it was certinly at its best when he was there.

Davie went full-time in the EWA and started to feud with Tormentor for the EWA world title and he was been joined by Hollywood Hogan and the two seem to be enjoying there time in the EWA. Tormentor is the leader of the best stable around at the moment which is the Corporation and many are looking for the CREW to reform and what a feud it would be. Davie is keen to leave the CREW in the past though and has his own targets to achieve. Davie has also seen to taken a keen liking to his phrase of apples.

Davie left the EWA in January 2003 and took a step out of the limelight after sustaining a serious back injury in his world title match with Tormentor


Davie joined the FWe in Feb 2003 and his stay was short but very memorable, but not for the right reasons. After being joined by Hollywood Hogan who was pushed straight in the world title picture Davie had some disagreements with the Prez Ron Weimer over the character of Davie J. This led to some heated comments by Davie J on the r/p board and a suspension. Davie then came back and trashed the Prez and the fed again and quit in a controversial promo that damaged the FWe when Davie gave away upcoming story lines and revealed certain handler identities.


Franchise Wrestling was a small fed that Davie J joined, he was fraustrated by being placed as a mid carder where he won two Hardcore titles which he vacated each time as he felt there were an insult. He did however win the FW Tag title with TNT. Davie won the Hardcore title at there first ever PPV 'Ground Zero' by beating Major Pain. The fed later faded and Davie left.


Then the EWF made Davie an offer, a fed which was similar to both the EWA and IWF. Davie was the top heel and had a great feud with the Brock, and also feuded with Shawn Michaels, Dark Rider and Ryder Jackson. Davie lost his match with Brock in the world title tournament and left on a sour note when angry words were exchanged between him and the EWF Prez.


Then Davie got his next big offer, the ECW-XCWA.

Davie and Eddie went on to win the ECW-XCWA Tag Titles at the December PPV Massacre on 34th Street and Davie also won the World title at the same PPV. Eddie then left the fed in January 2004 and Davie left shortly afterwards. Davie briefly defended the tag titles alongside former EIWF star Revolution.

Davie has fond memories of the ECW-XCWA and had great success in his few months there. He had a very heated feud with Suicide which stemmed back to there days in the EIWF. Davie won the vacant ECW-XCWA world title in a Royal rumble style match but would lose the belt just one week later to his bitter rival Suicide.

Davie J returned to the renamed XCWA fed in 2005 as he was inducted into there Hall of Fame.


Davie signed with the SCCW where he made it to the final of the heaveyweight championship but lost out to Matt B. Wild. The Simcore County Championship Wrestling was an old style fed and Davie started as a main eventer. Although he never won there heavyweight title he is happy he helped make the SCCW one of the biggest feds of its time.

Davie would make a surprise return to the SCCW as part of the Hollywood Icons along with Tormentor and Hollywood Hogan(not the EIWF version). Depicted and establishing themselves as the unholy trio the e-wrestling industry had to offer anywhere around the world, their notoriety was acknowledged promptly. It had only really been a matter of weeks before Tormentor and Hollywood Hogan were fired from the SCCW after its executives received too many complaints from both the fans and its superstars about Hogan and Tormentor's backstage antics.


Davie J joined the DCW after wrestling with Showtime in Franchise Wrestling. Showtimes alter-ego Luc Mclean tried to take over Franchise Wrestling when it started to struggle but decided to create his own fed that he called Dynamite Championship wrestling. Davie J wanted to retire and was offered the DCW World title but he decided not to join as an active wrestler. Behind the scenes Davie J became a booker and head writer for the shows. It was later planned to have Davie J come in as a face but this never materialised. Hollywood Hogan also joined the DCW and won the DCW Tag Team titles with Mis-Guided Youth.

Davie J left the DCW completely after 6 months. He would later be asked to rejoin and he challenged for the DCW mid-south title but the belt was later abandoned and the DCW was split into two rosters and Davie decided to leave again.

After 3 years out of any efed Davie J was asked by long time friend Tormentor to return to the DCW. After stating he didn't have the time it was agreed with the DCW that Davie J would return in a managers role for Tormentor. However the DCW quickly faded and with late results and not a very active roster the DCW closed down. Davie J was aligned with Tormenter and Chris Mann in is third stint in the DCW.

Other Feds

Davie would also make appearnces in the WAF where he and Tormentor caused havoc on the roleplay boards and had the whole roster angry with there actions and there attitude.

Davie would also appear in the USWF the United States Wrestling Federation and was planning on teaming up with Eddie D but Davie left shortly before joining without wrestling any matches.

Davie also appeared in the WWA for a couple of months as well as te BZW which was run by Joey Nosler. There were two tag title reigns in the AWF, one with Scott Norton and one with Eddie D.


nWo Hollywood Davie joined nWo Hollywood under the leadership of Hollywood Hogan in the BCWF in 1998. It was while in the nWo that Hogan managed to turn Davie and Eddie against each other. Hogan was infuriated that Eddie D won the world title that he was after and pointed out Eddie's betrayal to Davie and said he wouldn't be interested in the Good Guys anymore. Davie who backed Hgan in this feud turned on Eddie D and helping Hogan to win the BCWF world title back.

D-X Davie J and Eddie D briefly joined D-X in the BCWF and were very popular with the fans before D-x broke up and they returned to nWo Hollywod.


CREW Symbol 2003-present

The CREW faction was created by Davie J in September 1999 and after long careful planning debuted in the EIWF in December 1999. Many twists and swerves followed the original formation as member joined and left over the course of three months. Davie and Eddie joined the EIWF and for two months touted a third member would join them, it turned out to be Hollywood Hogan from the BCWF, but two months later Hogan turned on Davie and Eddie and took control of the CREW, or so it seemed. This was the beginning of a three month swerve that saw Davie J leave the EIWF until his return as a face in Febrary 2000, Eddie D mean while was demoted to mid-card status during this time. When Davie returned as a face to help his friend Eddie D from an attack the fed was in total shock. Over the next month Davie and Eddie aligned there-self with top faces in the EIWF included Bad Dogg who was the champion. After Hogan managed to force the prez to sign a match between Bad Dogg and Davie to try and split there union against the CREW up Davie won the ECWF world title. Davie finally had a way to get his match with Hogan and a chance for revenge at Evil Intentions 2000 but the fans were shocked when Davie laid down for Hogan and the CREW reformed along with Eddie D, Big Poppa and X-Factor. Over the next 2 years there were two more incarnations of the CREW including members as Jeff Jarrett, Joe Green and Metyl.

The CREW would also go on to appear in competitors e-feds such as the ICW such was there power within e-fed wrestling.

Despite a few tag matches between Davie and Eddie, and Davie and Hogan appearing in the DCW the CREW has never reformed since they were last together in 2002.

Hollywood Icons

After their long feud in the EWA and their mutual respect for each other within the industry, Tormentor and Davie J decided to join forces and become a team in the WWO. Together with Davie J and Hollywood Hogan, Tormentor had joined the Simcoe County Championship Wrestling (SCCW) introducing the beginning of the Hollywood Icons. Depicted and establishing themselves as the unholy trio the e-wrestling industry had to offer anywhere around the world, their notoriety was acknowledged promptly. It had only really been a matter of weeks before Tormentor and Hollywood Hogan were fired from the SCCW after its executives received too many complaints from both the fans and its superstars about Hogan and Tormentor's backstage antics.

Career Highlights

BCWF Tag Team Champion (2) (1x w/Eddie D - 1x w/Scott Norton) EIWF US Champion EIWF World Heavyweight Champion (5) EIWF Tag Team Champion (4) (3x wEddie D - 1x w/L double E) ICW World Champion (2) ICW Tag Team Champion (2) (1x w/Sadistic Tyler Deboard - 1x w/Eddie D) NWL Tag Team Champion (w/Eddie D) IWA World Heavyweight Champion FW Hardcore Champion (2) FW Tag Team Champion (w/TNT) WWO Tag Team Champion(unofficial) (w/Eddie D) HSW Intercontinental Champion AWF Tag Team Champion (w/Eddie D)

ASW Canadian Heavyweight Champion

BCWF Tag Team of the Year 1998 - Winner (The Good Guys)

Fansite 1999 Wrestler of the year - Runner up (Davie J)

Fansite 1999 Feud of the year - Winner(vs Karnage)

Fansite 1999 Stable of the year - Winner(CREW)

Fansite 1999 Most improved wrestler/roleplayer - (Davie J)

Fansite 2000 Wrestler of the year - Winner( Davie J)

Fansite 2000 Tag Team of the year - Winner (The Good Guys)

Fansite 2000 Feud/Angle of the year - Winner & 3rd (CREW vs Bad Dogg & Hogan vs Davie J)

Fansite 2000 Stable of the year - Winner (CREW)

Fansite 2001 Wrestler of the year - Winner (Davie J)

Fansite 2001 Tag Team of the year - Winner (The Good Guys)

Fansite 2001 Feud/Angle of the year - Runner up (Davie J vs Metyl)

Fansite 2001 Stable of the year - Winner (CREW)

Fansite Hall of Fame (Inducted 2000)

DCW Hall of Fame

ECW-XCWA Hall of Fame

ICW Hall of Fame (Inducted 2001)

Phrases, names and slogans

The name of the Good Guys was a play on the fact they were both heels and was taken from the famous 'Scott Hall survey time' speeches in WCW.

Davie is also refeered to as the ICON as he claims people look up to him and even worship him and is a role model for all other wrestlers.

For a short time Davie was also called the Franchise of the EIWF because of his success and length of time there.

the CREW is the name of a stable created by Davie J. Not originally intended to be the stable name, it was used in writing up future angles while a name was being thought of but in the end the name CREW just stuck.

The CREW have been referred to 'Having more gold then Mr T'

'Often imitated but never duplicated' has been the CREW's website slogan since it was created.

CREW-ites is used by members of the CREW to refer to there fans.

Hollywood Icons A team consisting of Davie J, Tormentor and sometimes Hollywood Hogan(not EIWF version)