Daye was born and raised on the streets of New York. Daye grew up in a poor town where there was nothing but violence and suffering. Daye was beat throughout his childhood until one day someone took Daye under his wing. That someone trained Daye over his teenage years, trained Daye to become a professional wrestler. Night and his manager Norritt were able to get Daye into the indy promotions. Daye was hoping to get a shot to wrestling for a TRUE wrestling promotion, and now with the help from Night and Norritt, Daye finally has his opportunity to wrestle in the big leagues.

Not to long after wrestling in True Professional Wrestling Daye and his tag team partner Night gained the TPW tag team championships. When TPW and RWW merged Night and Daye known to the world as The Stable Killers feuded with the team of No More Posse. No More Posse defeated Night and Daye in a unification match for the tag belts. During the match Daye finally met his long lost brother King Cobra. Soon after that Night and Daye and Cobra joined forces with a man named Lacklan. The three men would go on and develop into monsters. Night and Daye turned into religious wrestlers but Daye's brother didn't like the change of Daye and Night. At NEW's biggest pay per views Daye and Night turned their backs on Cobra. Night and Daye now go by the tag team of Salvation's End. They are still in a long ongoing feud with No More Posse.

to be continued


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