steve hunter was born on 12-21-86, he is an American professional wrestler better known as steve "the ace" jones or deadman steve, one half of the death squad.

life before wrestling

He grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was told he should stop wasteing his time training because he would never make it to the pros. He intended to become a cop. the dream soon to stop without the money to go and be train, so he enter back yard wrestling to make some extra money he also got a part-time job at k-mart.

Back yard wrestling

He enter to get extra money as well as a job. He was in a fed in his local nightbor hood, well he held the tag golds, and the TV title. he had one People pay to see the wrestlers.steve was wrestling for five years at the age of eighteen steve would be discover by ICW owner jack jones.

past e-feds

The owner gave him a concact as well as his brother (only way he would sign)steve and his brother edward would jobb for their time at ICW, being in the tag team match witch all the teams were in, it was who could last the longest, the death squad had the titles less than five minutes before being pin. Atfer ICW went out of business, he went to another fed where he and his brother only stayed for a month. Then it was to the e-fed steve's dad would later become co-owner of the fed NCW.

current feds

Steve is in many different feds, The wfw, which he is injury at the time. UMA Which he is a no body, Ncw where he and his brother are coming up in the tags ranks. He is also in CWA where he is competing for the world title. he made his debute in the NLW last week where he won in a handicap match.


tag team NCW x1

tag team IWA x 1



hammer (jackhammer)

tombstone piledriver

The Canadian Crippler (cross face)

figuer four

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