The Death Cube

The DeathCube Match is a professional e-wrestling match that is exclusive to Lords of Pain Wrestling's Insanity brand.


During Revelations, Insanity general manager Stanman announced what the DeathCube Match would be. Four rings would be put together to form one giant square. The ropes would be taken out of the middle, leaving just the ropes around the outside to form one giant wrestling ring. There are four posts in the middle, tied with leather straps. It all takes place in a cell, with the roof 20 feet from the apron. Two wrestlers start out. Every two minutes, another participant enters until everyone is in. No one can be eliminated until ALL participants have entered. It's elimination style. Only submissions count as a wrestler must either tap, submit, or voluntarily ask permission to exit the cage door. Once it's down to the final two, then pins, submissions, and knockouts count.

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