Death Bringer
[[Image:|130px|Image of Death Bringer]]
Real name unkown
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Height 6 ft 11 in (211 cm)
Weight 308 Ibs(140 kg)
Date of birth November 4, unkown
Place of birth unkown
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Death Bringer is a professional wrestler,.He is currently signed toW365.

In WRM and W365

Death Bringer debuted in WRM in May 2007 with a defeat against Damage.After that he again lost a match against Mystical Guitarist in The Second Junkyard Match. He start a feud with Raiden and at WRM "It Ain’t Family Guy", Death Bringer defeat Raiden and Damage and he won a point at The Rookie Challenge but he lost a Grudge Match against with the same Raiden. He signed a contract with W365,where he become the first champion at Plead Guilty after the victory in a Ladder Match where participated: Mystic Vegeta, Black Tiger, Johnny Cage, Quick Silver, Rated-R Destiny, The Phenomenal, and Killer Boy. In WrestleRoMania he lost the match against Geony Vedeta at WRM Last Soul Standing, so he wasn't qualified to the WRM King Of The Ring but somehow, Geony injured himself so "The Dead" entered the tournament. There he advanced in the final, but he lost against Reaper.

WRM vs W365 Era

With the storyline WRM vs W365,Death Bringer is within the feud.He defended the title at WRM Uprising against “The Creator of WRM” Heath Scumm.At W365 eXplosive he defeated WRM's wrestler Crusher in a Last Man Standing Match and still the W365 World Heavyweight Champion.Death Bringer lost his title at W365 Metaphysic against Komatose.He participated in a King of the Mountain Match in WRM for the WRM World Championship,but the winner was Lethal.Death Bringer was the only W365 representant in that match.In December at Non PPV he teamed up with Mystic Vegeta and defeated Komatose, Killer Boy and Johnny Cage in a Handicap Match after an interference by Juggernaut.This is the first victory of Death Bringer against Komatose.At W365 Dangerous Santa 2007 he participated in Elimination Chamber Match but he was eliminated by Killer Boy after a roll-up.

Wrestling Facts

  • Finisher Moves:
  • Dead Driver I(Package Piledriver)
  • Dead Driver II(Omega Driver)
  • Dead Driver III(Olympic Slam)
  • Dead Choke(Gogoplata)

  • Favorite Moves
  • Go to Death Valley(Go To Sleep)
  • Welcome in Death Valley(Double Underhook Piledriver)
  • Death Valley Cutter(TKO)
  • Death Valley Slam(3 Non Release Powerbomb or Sitout Elevated Powerbomb)
  • Nicknames:
  • "The Dead"
  • Signature taunts:
  • "Rest In Peace" taunt
  • Theme music
  • Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills-in WRM
  • Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark - in W365

Championships and accomplishments

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