The Death Cube

The Death Cube Match is a match type in professional e-wrestling as seen in Lords of Pain Wrestling on its Insanity brand.


After Krimson Mask successfully defended the LPW World Heavyweight Championship over Bloodrose at Insanity LIVE from Green Bay, it looked like no one could defeat the unbeatable fairytale monster. Determined to give Insanity fans a match to remember, general manager Stanman announced that Krimson Mask would be defending the World title at EndGame against five challengers in the first-ever Death Cube Match.

Stanman stated the match combined elements of War Games, Hell in a Cell, and Elimination Chamber matches. The countdown timer comes from the Elimination Chamber and War Games matches, the multiple ring structure comes from War Games, the large-cage structure from Hell in a Cell, and the elimination process from the Elimination Chamber.

Off-screen credit for creating the match goes to e-wrestling legend cYnical.



The Death Cube Match is a variation of the War Games, Hell in a Cell, and Steel Cage matches. Four rings are put together with the ring ropes being taken out of the middle, leaving just the ropes around the outside to form one giant wrestling ring. There are four ringposts in the middle, tied with leather straps. The action all takes place in the giant steel cell, with the roof 20 feet from the apron.


The match is contested by six wrestlers, two beginning the match in the giant ring. After a predetermined amount of time (usually two minutes) another participant enters the match, and this continues until all six participants have entered the ring (no one can be eliminated until all have entered). After the final entrant has entered, the match goes into elimination-style. Wrestlers are eliminated by submission or having their designated second throw-in the towel. Once it's down to the final two participants, then pins, submissions, or knockouts count. The winner is the final man left after all others have been eliminated.

Match history

For detailed results, see the articles of the events.
No. Match Event and Date Length
1. Krimson Mask defeated cYnical, Eric Scorpio, N'itomniskittel, Bloodrose, and Stone to retain the LPW World Heavyweight Championship. EndGame
February 10, 2008

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