Dennis Lancaster
Real name Dennis Lancaster
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Height 6'5"
Weight 285 lbs.
Date of birth January 23rd, 1971
Place of birth Saitama, Japan
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Resides Saitama, Japan
Billed from Saitama, Japan
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New Era Wrestling, International e-Wrestling Alliance
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Debut 1997
Retired {{{retired}}}

Dennis Lancaster (January 23, 1971 - July 4, 2006) was a Japanese MMA fighter and hybrid wrestler from 1997 to 2006. He participated in fights for many MMA organizations, including Pancrase, K-1, and Zero-One, and two American-based wrestling companies, New Era Wrestling and Internation e-Wrestling Alliance. On July 4, 2006, he was killed during a robbery outside of his home in Saitama, Japan.

Extended Biography

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Essential Information

Name: Dennis Lancaster

Short Name: Lancaster

Nickname: The Dark One

Height/Weight: 6'5"/285 lbs

Body Type: Very cut and athletic, very muscular

Alignment: Tweener

Theme Music: "Moonlite Sonata" by Ludwig van Beethoven, as performed by indy-rock group Inverse

Appearance: Coming soon

Frequently Used Moves:

Signature Moves

Finishing Moves

  • The Great Pain (flying heel hold)
  • Darkness Falls (Frontface Chickenwing Suplex, w/ Bridge)


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Tag Teams

Notable Rivals


  • The "Inner Circle"

Dexter "Tragik" Love, Elaine Martin Jenna Thompson David Simpleton Jeff Ramos Nicole Minor

Memorable Matches

  • Duncan v. Lancaster, Parallel Apocalypse

Personal life

Coming soon.

Random Facts

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Coming soon

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