"Phenomena" Derek Edwards
Real name Derek Edwards
Ring Names {{{names}}}
Height 5’8”
Weight 155 lbs
Date of birth
Place of birth Fayetteville, NC
Date of death
Place of death
Billed from
Trainer High Flyer
LoC (2006-)
IWO (2002 - 2003)
IML3 (2000)
GWA (2000 - 2001)
Handled by Thomas Ford
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Debut vs. Synthetic Alternate
Retired {{{retired}}}

"Phenomena" Derek Edwards, trained by High Flyer in the year 2000 during his knee surgery, was one of three (Josh Klein & Noah Hawkins were the other two) to graduate. Following this, Klein and Edwards formed a partnership called the Disposable Heroes, and won the IML3 Tag Team Championship. In 2000, Edwards wrestled in GWA and held the Cruiserweight Championship a few times. However, despite all of this, they were never called up to the main IWO league. Relegated to the IWO's "Developmental Roster" for most of their career, they only came on as jobbers in 2002 for the tag division, and then as a competitive team in 2003.

They're best known for their "Food" & "Drink" gimmicks, which isn't to say they were really known at all. Their gimmick was of a tag team where only one could wrestle singularly, and they wore masks of various food/drink items on their heads. Edwards routinely would wear a large slurpee cup with eye holes or a fake beer. Klein wore hamburgers. They were definitely colorful.

Edwards is more of a traditionalist in the ring. He's got a very good sense of agility, but lacks speed, and therefor usually likes to hold his ground and out-think his opponent. Too bad his intellect isn't as great as it needs to be. Regardless of this, Edwards usually is a professional cheater, a manipulator and a scammer, who can make any situation point toward him in favor. Even if it involves licking honey off Star Jones from the View. Which he hasn't done. Yet.

In 2006, Edwards and Klein returned under the tutorage of High Flyer to hone their skills. They had a try out match in Legacy of Champions "Ring Rats" promotion, and were soon hired. They are awaiting their debuts.


  • "You can just get out of my light now Josh. We don’t need any extras for this scene."
  • "(About his hair)There’s this stylist in LA who knows this stylist in New York who knows this stylist in LA who’s totally going to fix this.”
  • “Hey, watch the style.”
  • "It’s a camera K, they look. They see. Occassionally they read, if they have enough time and the letters are big enough.”


IML3 Tag Team Championship GWA Cruiserweight Championship(*2) LoC Tag Team Championship

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