Derek F'n Marks (born Derek Andrew Maize on April 14, 1979) is an American-born professional wrestler (e-wrestling), currently working for the Shootclub Wrestling Alliance . He is a 3-time SWA World Heavyweight Champion, a member of the Superstar Wing of the Hall of Fame, and is currently the all-time leader for most Promos of the Week. He is the younger brother of former SWA World Heavyweight Champion Contour.

Early History

Derek was born outside of Pittsburgh, PA in the Spring of 1979 as the youngest of four boys. His two oldest brothers would go on to have successful wrestling careers. When Derek was 9 years old, his parents were killed in an automobile crash, forcing him to move in with his maternal grandmother. During this time, he became rebellious, got involved with drugs and watched his life take a downward spiral. After moving out of his grandmother's home, he held several low-paying day jobs in California and didn't appear to be making much out of his life.

Training and Pre-SWA Career

In early 2002, Derek was approached by his brother, Jason, about breaking into the wrestling business, and although somewhat reluctant at first, he agreed and spent several months training. With only a few months under his belt, he made his debut in Japan at Mega Championship Wrestling's Wrestling Evolution event, where we competed in the league's first-ever Bombs, Ladders and Tables (or BLT) match, defeating his opponent in the show-stealing match of the night. He continued wrestling for the company throughout most of 2002, and then worked the indy scene in California until the early part of 2003.


In May of 2003, Derek joined the SWA's training facility, Shootcamp, and immediately turned heads. He was young, athletic, and had a good look and strong work ethic. It took only a few weeks before he was moved up to Shootcamp Wrestling, the league's training league.

Shootcamp Wrestling

In SCW, Derek quickly rose his own stock by becoming SCW Heavyweight Champion, owning what was then the longest reign of the title to date. His premiere feud was against Jason Frost, who would become a focal part of his career for the next year. After two months in SCW, Derek moved to the debuting Outback Wrestling League in late summer 2003.

Outback Wrestling League - Part One

In the debuting OWL, Derek would become a major figure in the early stages of the league's formation, becoming the first ever Mosquito Champion while continuing his feud with Frost and other top young stars like Dexter H. Nelson, The Tornado, and Devious Danny Darko. MORE TO COME


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