Derek Rose
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Derek Rose]]
Name Derek Rose
Birth Name Derek K Roosevelt
Debut 2008, June 22nd
Date of birth January 25, 1980
Hometown Kansas City, Missouri
Retired N/A
Resides Kansas City, Missouri
Place of death and date N/A

Derek K Rose is the newest addition to the Supreme Federation Wrestling announcing team. Joining Ted Cedar at the announce booth, and he has retired from active wrestling to help Cedar. The duo make an excellent team, and they are widely popular amongst the SFW fans.


Rose first burst into America's Indy Scene in early 2000. He arrived with a bang, sending shockwaves through various promotions. His wild antics and big mouth soon saw him promoted as a Loose Cannon. Though he couldn't put his love for pissing people off aside, Rose set his sights on something a bit more important to him: Championship Gold.

Championships soon was the only thing on DKR's mind. Fans saw a distinct change in Rose's ways, as the stories he told in the ring and in promos became full of greed, blood, and destruction. Rose made no bones about ruining a then-champion: Apocalypse's life, even if it meant killing him. Their graphic and violent feud proved this, as Rose made it clear he was taking the title, even if he had to pry it from Apocalypse's cold, dead hands. The significantly smaller of the two, Rose realized to destroy a monster like Apocalypse, he had to take the focus off of Apocalypse. The Champion's valet: Sempra was brutally injured on an episode, as she was driven through a flaming table- courtesy of Derek K. Rose.

Rose went on to finally defeat Apocalypse. Showing the lengths he would take to get the job done. At last, Rose had won his coveted championship title. The remainder of '02 and all of '03, Rose proved his dominance in the Indys.

In early '04, Rose became increasingly more paranoid over his position, and this saw a more psychotic turn in Rose's young legacy. His weekly promos became cryptic, and morbid. With Rose turning more and more into his own darkness, Promoters felt uncomfortable dealing with his wild outbursts. Agreements were made, which saw Rose take a lengthy L.O.A.

Spending an undisclosed amount of time in Mexico, Japan, and Parts Unknown, DKR is back. No one has seen, nor heard from the self-proclaimed Superstar of this f****n' Millennium for quite some time, but anyone who's heard of his name knows he will be back in the spotlight…even if he has to force his way in.

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