Destiny III was the twenty-eighth Universal Wrestling League e-wrestling pay-per-view event produced by Universal Wrestling League (UWL), and the third with the Destiny title. It took place on June 7 2008 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Centre in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


Numbers in parenthesis indicate the length of the bout.

  • Triple Threat Match - Smart Mark defeated Nick Pickles and Cran Landom (3:21)
    • Smart Mark won after pinning Nick Pickles from a superkick
  • Standard Match - Johnny Dalton defeated Drakonin (11:17)
    • Johnny Dalton won after an Aftershock
  • Standard Match - John Anthony defeated Pepper Johnson (19:46)
    • John Anthony won after an Even The Odds
  • Standard Match - P.H. Davidson defeated Chris Nichols (2:10)
    • P.H. Davidson won after a Frankensteiner
  • Handicap Match - Josh Eagles defeated Brian Ross and Jake Walker (18:32)
    • Josh Eagles won after pinning Brian Ross from a Walls of Joshico
    • The match was originally a Tag Team match, with Flap Flanagan partnering Josh Eagles, however he was unable to attend due to personal issues
  • Standard Match - Tiger Claw defeated Johnny Slayer (14:23)
    • Tiger Claw won after a Tiger Driver
  • Standard Match - Reck Maverick defeated Kailus Holmes (17:17)
    • Reck Maverick won after a Double Arm DDT, despite interference from Drakonin on Kailus' behalf
  • UWL United States Championship: Flag Match - Robbie Venom defeated Canadian Kid (19:32)
    • Robbie Venom won after capturing his flag from the opponent's corner
    • Robbie Venom retains his title for the 1st time
  • UWL Heritage Championship: Bunkhouse Match - JR Zevon defeated Brad Hunter and Rich Morrison (21:09)
    • JR Zevon won after pinning Brad Hunetr from an Extra Crispy
    • JR Zevon retains his title for the first time
  • UWL Heavyweight Championship - Ciaran McConnell defeated Matt Mathews and Thaurer (24:48)
    • Ciaran McConnell won after making Thaurer submit to a figure 4 leg lock
    • Ciaran won the Championship from Thaurer, making him the 13th UWL Heavyweight Champion

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