Born Thomas Dave Bryan (December 12th 1969) in Toronto Ontario Canada and is currently working for the Extreme Roughness Wrestling League as Destroyer he is also the father of ERWL's legend high flyer Ice Blaze and was the 3rd ERWL champion he said "I am the proudest father of what Ice has done the most proudest thing im proud of is that he is ERWL's 1st world champion. Destroyer was a name of many superstars but in 1972 he was named Destroyer in wrestling he trained 10 hours a day from age 16 to 26 in 1995 when he debuted as a youth superstar at age 26 at Gold's Gym in the ring.

Extreme Roughness Wrestling League Debut

Destroyer debuted in April 2008 winning the 4 man elimination match beating his son lastly backstage he apolognised to Ice all superstars celebrated but Daniel Masters who was on a phonecall the whole celebeation to the next ERWL superstar Mike Muscles who debuted destroying Ice Blaze. he got revenge by defeating him in a No Holds Barred Match he is set to return in July 2008 after his injury in the steel cage of a concusion due to the cage rubbing his head to bleed. He will be wearing a new outfit of Blue Jeans and a white t shirt showing a skull.

Moves: The Destroyer (Neckbreaker)


Kenny Dykstra's WWE Theme

Lying My Way From You (Zoro and Sanji)

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