Destruction On A Platter was the first pay-per-view by Underground Wrestling Federation, which was held at Telstra Dome, Melbourne Australia in front of 35,635 fans and over 1.5 million viewers watching the event on television. The tagline for the event was "Let the real wrestling begin." The pay-per-view has been known as "one of the greatest debut pay-per-views ever" as the final match on the card was a "King Of The Hill" match which was won my Mr Ca$h, and that the main titles, Aussie Title and the Championship Title were both on the line in this Pay-per-view

King Of The Hill Match

The main event of the show was the King Of The Hill match, which featured three cages on top of each other, with every cage being small than the previous one. At the top of all the cages was a crown which was stuck onto a small table. The wrestler had to hold on to the crown for 10 minutes before being crowned the winner. If the wrestler was knocked off before the 10 minutes, the time he held on to the crown will be void, and he will have to attempt it again. You have to hold on to the crown for 10 minutes, which is on the top of the "hill".

Match Results

  • Super Freak defeated The Chosen One by pinfall.
    • Super Freak did the move, Small Package, to win by pinfall.
  • "Wonder From Down Under" Samuel Johnson defeated "The Pom" Johnny England in a International Friendly Match by pinfall
    • Samuel Johnson secured the win with the move, Aussie Pride
  • "The Boss" Bo Mundine defeated The Gravekepper to win the UWF Australian Championship Belt in a NO-DQ Singles match via pinball
    • Mr Ca$h interfered the match, and gave The Gravekeeper the Money Shot so that the Bo Mundine would be able to win the match.
  • Mr Ca$h defeated 30 other superstars in a King Of The Hill match to win the UWF World Championship Belt
    • Mr Ca$h, who only needed another 10 seconds to win the match, was about to be knocked off by King Kong, but Bo Mundine, who was also going for the crown, sent King Kong to the hard rock floor with a Choke Slam, which ensured that Mr Ca$h was going to win the title.

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