The Devil's Advocate is a variation of a spinning fireman's carry slam. The wrestler first drapes an opponent over their shoulders in a fireman's carry position. The wrestler then takes hold of the thigh and arm of the opponent, which are hung over the front side of the wrestler, and rotates them counter-clockwise, as most notably seen in professional wrestler Brock Lesnar's "F-5" finisher. However, in contrast to the F-5 that simply sees the opponent landing face-first on the mat, The Devil's Advocate has the wrestler grab the back of the right knee of the opponent with the right hand and the throat with the left, mid-rotation, dropping forward and taking the opponent down with them in a falling chokeslam.

This move is most famously used by its creator, Jason Krow, who invented the move almost immediately at the start of his career. He stopped using the move again until recently, when he discovered his primary finisher at the time wouldn't work out, so he started using the Devil's Advocate as his primary finisher again, although now he has renamed it the Near-Death Experience.

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