Devious Danny Darko has been hanging around the SWA for over five years now, which is amazing in itself since he has made countless enemies throughout his career. He started off as a pretty big success story in the promotion formerly known as Badlands Rookie Wrestling which later became Vegas Stakes Wrestling. In his first match out of Shootclub Wrestling Academy he defeated the BRW/VSW Heavyweight Champion at the time, a guy by the name of Father Time. It was really the only time in his life that anybody would ever say he overachieved as his singles career in the SWA has seen very little singles success. While singles success has been rather sporadic, tag team success has been a whole other story as he has won the SWA World Tag Team Titles on six separate occasions. Alas, when someone has been around as long as The Guru Of Gore, it's hard to remember exactly everything that has transpired. Stay tuned to this site for more updates to this profile as time allows.

Shootclub Wrestling Alliance

Shootclub Online Wrestling Game

Danny Darko's Shootclub Profile

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