David McMichaels is an Irish Profesional wrestler, currently working for CWF and ISGA, he is the younger brother off Devlyn Michaels whom he plans to manage from now on.

Early life

Born is Belfast Ireland, like his brother Jake David spent more time in Northan Ireland than he did in Belfast. Not long after Devlyn graduated from the New Japan Dojo David signed up for training there.

Wrestling career

David caught up with Jake whilst he working with CWF, after telling him that he graduated and planned to be Jake's on screen manager they developped the charicter of "Discyple" together which was Devlyn's equally insane brother who searved as his manager. He debuted at CWF's No Man's Land PPV helping his brother gain a win over Matt Frazier, however there night was not over as they had severall confrontations with The Janitor the final being after Janitor's mop match against Nebel Newez. Wiith these events one could only guess that the brothers' next feud will be against Janitor.


  • Unlike Jake, David is into Rap but likes Heavy Metal.
  • Is said to be heavely influenced by James Mitchel.
  • David know travels with Jake and Tyson on the road.
  • He has a crminal record for shoplifting.
  • His moveset has the same moves Jake's has accept for his finisher.
  • Whilst Jake is more off an arielist/brawler David is a pure brawler.
  • Since catching up with Jake he has been watching Jake's tape collection religiously,
  • According to reports David is popualar backstage for his wicked yet nonchallant sense off humour.


  • Wrath Of The Discyple (High impact lariot)

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