Divas Unleashed Presents: Divo Search was a talent competition held by Divas Unleashed (DU). The aim of the contest was to find a new backstage interviewer to add to the DU roster. The concept is widely considered to be a spoof of the annual WWE Diva Search competition.

2007 Divo Search

  • Theme: "Green Light (Freemasons Remix)" by Beyoncé


The search was the brainchild of Tequila, although KibbyD (who hosted the competition) would later claim it was her idea. The idea came about because Tequila had finally reached her limit with the number of women hitting on her handsome husband, the president of Divas Unleashed. She decided that because Shane Rockford was one of only a handful of men in the federation, in order to keep the ladies off him, there needed to be a new sexy male on the block. Thus the Divo Search was born.

Divas Unleashed invited regular people from across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to submit themselves to the search. The entries were considered and candidates were narrowed into 12 finalists, with some having DU connections. Tequila declared the winner of the search would be employed in Divas Unleashed full-time as a reporter. The search was initially met with mixed reactions but as the weeks progressed, it proved to be quite popular, although Krysta Taylor openly expressed her disgust at the Search.

Fans were allowed to vote for their favourite contestants on a week-by-week basis on the DU forums. Some of the contestants that won the weekly challenges were given immunity as a prize for victory and kept them from elimination the following week.

The winner of the search was finally announced by KibbyD at Nuclear Pussy 5. Joe Ragnal won the competition, beating Gay Bandit and Dan Miller in a three-way showdown.

2009 Controversary

In October of 2009, President Tara Lee fired Joe Ragnal live on air, sending Holly Wentz to inform him of the news. It was revealed that Gay Bandit was his replacement and Bandit joined the roster and begun conducting interviews.


  • Joe Ragnal - Winner
  • Gay Bandit - Runner-Up
  • Dan "The Man" Miller - 3rd Place
  • Tommy Tyler - 4th Place
  • Zack & David Fraley - 5th Place
  • Malicious Wun - 6th Place
  • Josh Young - 7th Place
  • Gabriel Romeo Bello - 8th Place
  • Camdyn Gabriel - 9th Place
  • Eric Daniels - 10th Place
  • Jarrod Steele - 11th Place
  • Billy Payne - 12th Place


Week 1 - DU Trivia
Week 2 - Ass Kissing Contest/Swimsuit Contest
Week 3 - Interviews From Hell
Week 4 - Secret Santa
Week 5 - New Year's Resolutions
Week 6 - Blind Dating
Week 7 - Diva Interviews
Week 8 - The Final Speech

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