Dmitri Sidorov
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Dmitri Sidorov]]
Real name Dmitri Mikhailovich Sidorov
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Height 6"0
Weight 198 pounds
Date of birth 3/5/77
Place of birth Aniva, Russia
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Resides Providence, Rhode Island
Billed from Russia
Trainer UCF,CBW
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Debut 2007
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Dmitri Mikhailovich Sidorov was born in the coastal town of Aniva near the Lyutoga River. He was born on 3/5/1977 and was brought up in Kamenka. It is customary for young boys in parts of Russia to join the army for up to two years at the age of eighteen so Dmitri signed up.

The Army Years

Dmitri joined the army three days before his birthday and exceled as part of the 138th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade it was here he honed his wrestling prowess & skill he won the coverted тяжелое армейское название(heavyweight army title) which he held for a year and a half. He left the army on his twenty first birthday opting to stay an extra year.

Ultimate Championship Fighting

He joined UCF after the army where he became a 9 time lightweight and heaveyweight champion. he started using a move which he still uses today which he names the acid burn. he was only at UCF for three and a half years but still became a big force in the fighting world


Mattloveswrestling picked Dmitri after he saw a few matches he held a giant event between 5 UCF origanals and Dmitri which was easily won by Dmitri he found out later that it was a test to see if Dmitri was what he was looking for he then realised he was. He took Dmitri to a training camp where Dmitri was reigning champion before getting put in the main roster.

Heel Turn

Dmitri was in the middle of a fight with Jessie Gee when out of nowhere Wesley Jaker's music hit and he ran out wielding a chair ment for Jessie Gee Dmitri tried to stop him but was assaulted relentlessly with the chair and suffered major concussions(Kayfabe). He returned two weeks later as a beer drinking rowdy individual who was called The BULL. He kept attacking Wesley before and after his matches until Wesley faced him in a hell in a cell match where he easily lost to The Bull but managed to hit him with the Jaker Hack. Turning Dmitri normal again.


(As Dmitri Sidorov)

  • Dynamite(Kick Combination)
  • Acid Burn(Anaconda Vice)

(As The Bull)

  • Blind Fury(Over The Shoulder Back-To-Belly Piledriver)
  • Gouging wizard(Shining Wizard)

Signature Moves

  • Suplex Variations
  • Shining Wizard Variations


  • The Unrelentless One
  • The Python

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