The Dome of Destruction Match is an EWA exclusive gimmick, and has occurred four time in history. Twice in EWA:Extreme Wrestling Alliance, once in Total Annhilation Wresting and once in Unique Styles Wrestling. The concept of the Dome of Destruction was created by Icekid.

The Match

The concept of the Dome is a 24 steel structure surrounding the ring. The north side has a 20 foot ladder, the west side had various sharp objects and weapons, while the right side had several tables set up. The south side of the ring has the dome door. In order to win you must reach the prize on top by either climbing the 20 foot ladder and opening the cage door at the top, or climbing the dome from the outside. The first man to claim the object hanging 3 feet above the top of the dome is declared the winner.

Dome History

Matches EWA Hosted first ever Dome of Desturction match where Icekid combated Mr. P for the EWA Heavyweight Championship. Mr. P would ultimately become the first winner of this match.

TAW then borrowed the gimmick for its top title featureing Icekid, T-Bone, and Mr. Amazo. Icekid would win his first ever Dome of Destruction match.

EWA then again brought back the Dome of Destruction which saw Icekid battling Mr. P again. This time however Icekid would win and claim his second Dome of Destruction victory.

USW then would borrow the gimmick as Maverick Jones battled Craig J for USW's top prize. After some crazy interference by all sides, Maverick Jones would come out as the eventual winner and reigning Dome of Destruction Champion.

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