Donald Dursley Titan
[[Image:|250px|Image of Donald Dursley Titan]]
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Height 6 ft. 5 in.
Weight 400 pounds
Date of birth August 17, 1974
Place of birth St. Louis, Missouri
Date of death Alive still
Place of death Alive still
Resides St. Louis Missouri
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Trainer Ironsides, Anthony Romeri
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Donald Dursley Titan also known as simply Donald Titan or Mr. DDT, is a professional wrestler currently working for CWF where he has redebuted after being shelved when his long time partner, Mark Olson retired. Mr. DDT is currently undefeated in singles competition in CWF.

Mr. DDT is notable for his multitude of DDT type maneuvers employed in his moveset, including his finishing move, the Hannibal DDT, a Butterfly DDT named after the movie villain, Hannibal Lektor.

Early career

In August, Donald Debuted alongside Mark Olson as The Greatest Show on Canvas where they had an unsuccessful run together culminating in Olson's retirement, afterwards Donald was called back to development to strengthen his singles wrestling skills. He is currently awaiting the call up to redebut on CWF Ignition.

Second CWF Run

On the October 14th, 2007 edition of CWF Ignition a promo was run advertising the redebut of Mr. DDT the following week. The Promo was centralized around Donald's hometown of St. Louis, ending with the cryptic warning "Welcome to St. Louis, Motherfucker", before displaying his name and the date of the next show.

On October 21, 2007, Donald Titan returned and defeated Pinnoy Phil. Over the next to months Donald Titan maintained an undefeated streak in singles matches and handicap matches. He received his first loss after being eliminated from a Battle Royal on Ignition by Kaeden and Azrael being the next to last participant thrown out. He has yet to be successfully pinned or forced to submit in competition to this date.

On December 2, 2007 Donald Titan made his pay per view debut defeating The Boss in a squash match.

Move List

  • Hannibal DDT (Butterfly DDT)
  • Welcome to St. Louis Motherfucker (Butterfly Lock followed by Knee to Forehead)
  • Turf Spike - (Elevated Sitdown Piledriver)
  • The St. Louis Ram (Running Shoulderblock to Opponent in Tree of Woe)
  • DDT-TTMO (DDT-Tribute to Mark Olson) - (Lifting Reverse DDT)
  • Mr. DDT's Amazing Suplex Special (Superplex)
  • Don-ton Bomb (Swanton Bomb)
  • Evenflow DDT
  • DDT
  • Spike DDT
  • Impaler DDT
  • Springboard Seated Senton
  • Springboard Legdrop
  • Legdrop from Middle Rope
  • Inverted DDT
  • Fisherman DDT
  • Mr. DDT DDT (Front Facelock Drop)

Theme Music

August 2007 – Present: "My World" by Brand New Sin

Championships and Accomplishments

None to date...

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