born June 25th 1980 Donny Downfall is one of a kind superstar of wrestling by is igeniosity and his sadistic planning.

well Donny is the first generation of star of his kind he started to love wrestling very early in his youngest stage around 17 he started practicing wrestling in a Quebec city federation and by doing so he met his most loved tag teamed partner who is named steeve Sinnister. at the age of 23 he was notice by ECFW who offered him a contract. The early going of the career in ECFW was made slowly but surely. But the blow out of his career happened at the end of 2003 where he became the first man to ever won an i quit match and an triple threat match in the same night in ECFW history.

since that Day Donny Downfall known as well as the executioner has faced many challenges, some may be won, some may be loose but one thing is sure they have never been without having a fight down the road he knows he has a whole lot more to give to this industry as he has also open a wrestling school in his homwtown of rimouski wich has already mentor some superstars as jason blade and so much more might be coming up soon .

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