Doom For You a hardcore federation owned by Josh Hadley and John Mark Forrester. and it is part of the Internet Wrestling Alliance.

History of Doom For You

Total Xtreme Impact

Axel Anvil got angry at the Future Of Wrestling federation's management. On December 31th, 2006 Axel Anvil decided to leave FOW and on January 1, 2007, Axel started his own federation called Total Xtreme Impact. He wanted to run TXI a different way then FOW was. Axel wanted TXI to be more extream then FOW. Also instead of censoring what happens on TXI, Axel will leave everything unedited.

Sadly only 3 people joined Total Xtreme Impact, so Axel Anvil shut down the federation before it began. He became more active on other federations.

IWA Doom For You

Josh Hadley thought that Axel Anvil made the wrong choice closing down Total Xtreme Impact. He decided to start another fed after TXI was shut down. Hadley and his frined John Mark Forrester decided to start another federation that was like Anvil's ideas for TXI. They made Doom For You. After making the fed they made DFY part of the Internet Wrestling Alliance.


Total Xtreme Impact


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