Doomsday is the November pay-per-view for the Championship Wrestling Federation. Updates will be edited in as soon as possible.

Match Card

Match #1 – Unknown

  • When this match is revealed, it will be posted.

Match #2 – Unknown

  • When this match is revealed, it will be posted.

Match #3 – CWF Global Championship – Extreme Rules Deathmatch

Mr. Amazo (c) v.  ???

  • Mr. Amazo will defend his Global Championship, that much we do know. However, the Global Champion's opponent is unknown, as is the match stipulation.

Match #4 - CWF Tag Team Championships

The Hard Corps (Connor Murphy & AJ Cleary) © vs. The Untouchables (Kaeden & Johnny Gunn)

  • Kaeden and Gunn earned their shot by defeating The Force, Mr. Amazo and Nick Kang, in October in a number one contender's match. During that time, Connor Murphy has suffered a severe concussion and been attacked backstage by Shawn Fury and in a match by Mr. Amazo in consecutive weeks. Could this be the challengers' time, or can the Hard Corps retain?

Match #5 - CWF Television Championship

Shawn Fury (c) v. ???

  • Following his actions this month, attacking both Anthony Romeri and Connor Murphy, there's no shortage of men who want a piece of the Television Champion. However, Mr. Demonical was unable to reveal a challenger for Shawn Fury's title for Doomsday. With a World Title match already booked, what does this mean for the Black Dragon?

Match #6 – Submission Match

Dane West vs. Connor Murphy

  • Dane Wast has been haunted since Hellbound by the appearance of an individual in many of his matches. We learned recently that that individual is his own father, Mathias West. Mathias West has cost his son the number one contendership to the World Heavyweight Championship and a cage match with Joey Greco,

Match #7 - CWF Heavyweight Championship - Ladder Match

Joey Greco v. Shawn Fury v. Anthony Romeri

  • This match came about when Shawn Fury, out to prove he deserved to be in the World Title picture, attacked Connor Murphy and Anthony Romeri in consecutive weeks, both times ending the men's nights. Anthony Romeri was unable to defend his World Title the night Fury attacked him, and the new CWF Commissioner Mr. Demonical stripped the belt from Romeri and named Fury #1 contender, effectively making the match Greco v. Fury.
  • The following week, Romeri returned to say that not only was he fine, but he wanted his rematch the next week. Demonical refused his rematch, saying that there was no match to begin with. The CWF Board of Directors overturned this decision, however, and put Romeri in the Doomsday main event. Demonical followed that up by naming the match a ladder match, claiming Romeri was too old to handle a ladder match. But if that's the case and Fury already defends his Television Title earlier in the night, then the World Title seems to be Joey Greco's to lose.

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