Double Trouble
Members Britani Wylde
Bunny Wylde
Former Members N/A
Name(s) Beauty & Booty
Double Trouble
Debut To Be Updated
Promotions To Be Updated.
Brand(s) None, as of now.

Double Trouble, Is a female Professional Wrestling Tag-Team consisting of twin sisters, Britani Wylde and Bunny Wylde.

The Twin Sisters have proved to be more than just "pretty faces", and are known to be able to entertain many live audiences. Their Match Tactics are entertaining, especially when they swap places with one another when involved in singles matches, and usually come out with a victory. This proceedure is done when one of them crawls under the ring, and trades places with the other. Although it is slightly obvious that they have traded places, what amuses the fans is that the referee never seems to notice, and the two usually have their hands raised at the end of the match.

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