Dr. David Brown
Name Dr. David Brown
Birth Name David Allen Brown
Debut {{{debut}}}
Date of birth January 21, 1978
Hometown New York City, NY USA
Retired {{{retired}}}
Resides Buffalo, NY USA
Place of death and date {{{death_date_place}}}

Dr. David Brown (Born on January 21, 1978) is the Fight Doctor on Ultimate Wrestling Association.

Early life

David Brown grew up to an upperclass family, where both his parents are accomplished doctors, and followed in their footsteps. He graduated Oxford University of Medicine with a Doctorate in Neurology and Medicine.

Getting Into The Business

By ALL State Athletic Commissions, it is MANDATORY that every Boxing and/or Wrestling Promotion have a fight doctor at ring side at ALL TIMES. As Ultimate Wrestling Association starts, he has decided at his own expense to follow UWA around the country and give his expert advice and ensure the safety of the in ring performers.

Fun Facts

  • Is VERY well aware of his likeliness to rapper Lil' Jon, but decides to dress like him at events only for gimmick.
  • Because of his oath, he is known for treating any patient with or without insurance, making him very respected among doctors and patients alike.
  • Is allowed to instantly throw a match out should any participant (including the referee) be unable to continue.

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