Andrew Martin Eugene Debs
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Andrew Martin Eugene Debs]]
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Height 6'5"
Weight 268lbs.
Date of birth March 11th 1976
Place of birth Chicago, Illinois
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Resides Crystal Lake, Illinois
Billed from Chicago, Illinois
Trainer Marty Karjoski
High Impact Wrestling
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Debut 2001
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Wrestling Career



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Finishing Moves

The Daisy Cutter aka The Mother of All Bombs. Razors Edge into a Dominator landing.

The Sure Shot. This is a swinging cutter.

THE PATRIOT ACT-Cradle Pile Driver Slam

Signature Moves

Debs has several signature moves. All of which he enjoys, some can shift momentum and some can just let you know you're finished.

  • Spinebuster of the swinging variety
  • FLOATY HANGING CLOTHESLINE~! This move involves Debs leaving the ground and soaring through the air to make contact with an opponent, he'll often land in a sitting or sliding position.
  • Double knee smash in the corner. Debs runs across the ring and leaps in the airs usually bringing his knees up and crashing into the stomach or sternum of an opponent.


Andrew Debs has no use for nicknames or familiarities. Frankly if you think you need to give him one its probably stupid. Like you.

Theme Music

Andrew Debs has used many theme songs and visited many theme parks over the years.

"Head Like a Hole" by Nine Inch Nails "Epic" by Faith No More "Born From Pain" by Earth Crisis "Slither" by Earth Crisis and most recently "The Ultimate Doom" by Shockwave.

Championship Succession

HIW Tag Team Titles
Preceded by:VACANT
02/13/04-03/03/04 Succeeded by:
Canadian Violence
HIW US Title
Preceded by:Jared Crowe
05/07-9/30/2007 Succeeded by:
Bryce Michaels

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