[b]Wrestlers Name:[/b] Dus-T-Cool [b]Nickname:[/b] Feature Presentation [b]Height:[/b] 5'8" [b]Weight:[/b] 225lbs [b]Hometown:[/b] New York, New York [b]Theme Music:[/b] Animals by Nickelback [b]Entrance Description:[/b] Fast paced like Spanky for example

[b]Wrestling Attire:[/b] Black Pants with blue designs down the sides

[b]Classification:[/b] Heel [b]Match Tactics:[/b] Dirty but not too dirty, ya know? [b]Weight Class:[/b] Mid-Xtreme

[b]Wrestling Moves:[/b] [b]Finisher 1:[/b] Take 3 (Shining Wizard) [b]Finisher 2:[/b] Szizzorz Kick [b]Signature Move:[/b] Rolling Texas Cloverleaf (like Lance Storms rolling boston crab except with a Cloverleaf) [b]Signaure Move 2:[/b] High Speed Connection [b]High-Flying Attack - Down 1:[/b] 180 Leg Drop [b]High-Flying Attack - Down 1:[/b] Splash [b]High-Flying Attack - Standing 1:[/b] Diving Tornado DDT [b]High-Flying Attack - Standing 2:[/b] Front Dropkick [b]5 or More Random Moves:[/b] [LIST] [*]Tornado DDT [*]Triangle Hold [*]Single Leg Haas of Pain [*]Snapmares [*]Arm Drags [*]Vertical Suplex into facebuster

[b]What WIF Championship are you looking to go after?[/b] Internet

[b]Wrestling Background in other feds:[/b] [LIST] [*]WIF Xtreme Champion [/LIST][b]Roleplaying Skills:[/b] Decent [b]Roleplaying attempts:[/b] Often

[b]Attacks: [/b] [LIST] [*]Back Elbow [*]Drop kick to knee [*]^^^to back of knee [*]Springboard Elbow (AJ Styles type) [*]Running Knee to Face [*]Clothesline to back of neck [*]Spinning Heel Kick [*]Dragon Whip [*]Running Enzuigiri [/LIST]---------------------------------- [b]Aerial Techniques: [/b] [LIST] [*]Cross Body [*]Shooting Star Elbow Drop [*]Diving Head Butt [*]Diving Hurricanrana [*]Dragonrana [*]Springboard Hurricanrana [/LIST]---------------------------------- [b]Tree of Woe: [/b] [LIST] [*]Running knee to the chest [*]Modified Bronco Buster [*]Delayed Dropkick (Chris Sabin Style) [/LIST]---------------------------------- [b]Holds: [/b] [LIST] [*]Surfboard [*]Deathlock [*]Dragon Clutch [*]Single Leg Crab [*]Armbar [*]Bullet-Hold (opponent on stomach on mat, I get a Key-lock {wrist lock} and flip over into a bridge to apply more pressure) [*]Side Headlock [*](standing) Half Nelson Choke Hold [/LIST]---------------------------------- [b]Behind Grapples: [/b] [LIST] [*]Backslide [*]Revese Hip toss (the guy lands on his stomach [*]Torture Rack [*]Atomic Drop [*]Carlito Back Breaker [*]Dragon Sleeper Back Breaker [*]German Suplex [*]Neckbreaker [*]Reverse Body Slam (lands on stomach) [/LIST]

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