Dylan Ryder
[[Image:|px|Image of Dylan Ryder]]
Real name
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Height 5'11
Weight 205 lbs.
Date of birth September 27, 1983
Place of birth Sydney, Australia
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Los Angeles, California
Billed from Sydney, Australia
Handled by
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Debut June 2006
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"The Dove" Dylan Ryder, born in Sydney, Australia in 1980 is an American professional wrestler currently wrestling for the WrestleView Wrestling Federation, Gem City Wrestling and Yggdrasil Pro Wrestling.


Dylan was born in Sydney and was brought to Japan in his teenage years on an exchange trip. He went to see a match and was intrigued, so he went back to Australia and was trained. After this, he went to America in search of a job and was picked up on the indy circuit and gained a reputation as one of the most graceful in-ring workers in the industry. WVWF brought him into their home and he met Jayden Sarek. After teaming together in a dark match, the two hit it off as a great combination of styles, and Heather Ryder, Dylan's sister, took an interest in Jayden. The two started dating and Heather began to manage the team. They became known as Lifeline for their love of life. The two also grew up with Skyler Striker.


Lifeline had a brief stint in WVWF, winning the tag titles from the Generation of Pain and losing them in a controversial match with the Bond Brothers. They left shortly after.


Dylan split from Jayden, who wanted to wrestle in England, and flew back to Japan to resume his own training. While performing at an independent show, Sylvia Banks of the newly created Global Championship Wrestling spotted him and requested he come back to America to compete. Dylan answered yes and has been placed on the roster.

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