[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Dynamite]]
Real name
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Height 6'4"
Weight 275 lbs.
Date of birth June 6
Place of birth Hereford, England
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Resides Hereford, England
Billed from Hereford, England
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Debut August, 2005
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Finishing Moves: C4, Depth Charge.

Entrance Theme: "End of Heartache" by Killswitch Engage

WCSF career

In March 2005, Dynamite turned his focus to plying his trade in the WCSF, and what an explosive start that was. The first sight the WCSF fans caught of the English Phenomenon was him revealing his unique C4 finisher on a hapless Executioner.

Dynamite has since gone from strength the strength, waged in heated battles with foes such as Executioner, Bale, with whom he took part in the first ever Dome of Doom match and even the GM of Mayhem Jay Jameson.

Dynamite won the then, WCSF Heavyweight title in a triple threat match at Revolution 2, defeating Jason Williams and Chris Cameron, resulting in a heated feud, which would result in a surprising alliance when Dynamite shocked the entire WCSF when he joined Cameron, Bale and Chris Osbourne to form the Monarchy, a powerful group of wrestlers who are the self-proclaimed most powerful group in wrestling. Not many can doubt that fact when the Monarchy teamed up with Brian Davis to lead Team Mayhem to victory over Team Unleashed at WCSF Annihilation, with the champion standing tall when all was said and done.

Dynamite has an unequalled record on the big stage, with only one PPV loss to his record in his WCSF career, and with the Monarchy at his back, who is likely that change that figure?


At WCSF Revolution V, Dynamite shocked the world by returning to the WCSF scene for the first time since Battlefield 2009. He was revealed to be one of the new co-CEO's of the federation, along with longtime rival David Logan. Tensions between the two were teased at first, but for the first month of their relationship as business partners, Logan and Dynamite were quite cordial.

WCSF Mayhem! Heavyweight Champion

Leader of the Monarchy, the most powerful Faction in the history of the WCSF.

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