Dynamite Championship Wrestling

Dynamite Championship Wrestling or DCW (and for a period, DCfnW), was a professional wrestling e-federation that operated between 2003 and 2007. Founded by Daniel Dwyer, it went through a number of closings and reopenings, and is rumored to become active yet again as of December 2007.


Dynamite Championship Wrestling was formed after the dissolution of Colossal Wrestling, and opened by businessman Daniel Dwyer. During the first few months, the company was very small, operating in only small venues. It's first World Heavyweight Champion was Jeff Jarrett.

During DCW's early months, superstars Showtime and Slayer, former Colossal wrestlers, carried over their feud, which would dominate much of the company's first year in operation. Other highlights included young superstars such as Iceberg and Leon Phoenix enjoying title reigns, as well as the formation of factions the Infantry, the CORE, the nWo, and the Corporation. The Infantry particularly showed great influence amongst the company during its initial run.


In late 2003, Dwyer handed the reigns to the company over to his executives, as he took a leave of absence. Upon return, DCW was in a state of disarray, and eventually Dwyer decided to close. Over the next few years, the fed was reopened for months at a time, but ultimately closed due to lack of numbers or interest from the staff.

Notable Wrestlers

Slayer - Hall of Famer
Leon Phoenix - Hall of Famer
Alec Fleming - Hall of Famer
Dan McMichaels/Bret Hart - Hall of Famer
Death - Hall of Famer
Iceberg - Hall of Famer
Johnny "The Idol" Thompson - Hall of Famer
Tenacious G
Sean Devine
Aston Daniels
Vane Lazarus
Dark Star
Cloud Bishop
Christian Cage
Rex Jargon
Kobra Kurtiss
Charlie Hustle
Anthony Garza
Randolph James
Chris Mann
Ryder Jackson
Johnny Punchclock
Austin Kane
The Player
TaKeo Banks
The Crow
Crazy J
Justin Sayne
The Beast 37
D12 Iceman

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