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The eWrestling Encyclopedia (or eWE for short) is e-wrestling's first Wiki, and an attempt to document the past, present and future of the e-wrestling community in all aspects.

eWE was founded in July of 2005 by David 'DJ' Hedley (User:Hedley), an eWrestling handler for four-and-a-half years at the time, and gone live on Wikia on the 17th of July; see also E-Wrestling:Administrators.

History of eWE

The eWrestling Encyclopedia was founded, as mentioned above, in July of 2005 by David Hedley. It's creation came about due to the lack of a real resource of e-wrestling information at the time, and ultimately the thought that the current 'batch' of handlers will be forgotten and lost in ten years time. Several attempts at databases had failed, and so a Wiki was the best option for the site (Hedley had already been an administrator of Wikipedia for several weeks at the time).

The eWE was initially going to be set up on an independent domain, but the technicalities involved and issues with server space prompted it to be set up at, a free community of Wikis on subjects which are otherwise not covered comprehensively on the rest of the internet.

See also: E-Wrestling:News

Mission statement

The goal/mission of eWE is to, over time, become a full picture of the e-wrestling world. Hopefully, with the help of the handlers themselves, the federations and characters of today can be fully covered, along with the vast history the 'hobby' has had. The ability for everybody to contribute will, hopefully, result in factually correct, solid information never before available to the community at the click of a mouse.

Some of the things which the eWrestling Encyclopedia hopes to cover are:

  • Past and present wrestlers, managers, tag teams, staff members and other characters
  • The biggest (and smallest) federations of the past and present of e-wrestling
  • The handlers behind the characters (which have their own area of the Wiki)
  • Anything else which can be written about - title belts, major events, tournaments..

The eWE will not succeed without your contributions, and your help. To be a success and a clinical part of e-wrestling, as many contributors as possible need to write about themselves and even others to make this the most complete eWrestling Encyclopedia yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: This sounds great, how do I edit?
  • A: First, search for the article you want to edit on the left side of this page, or alternatively choose "Browse eWE" from the main menu and find something in the categories. If you choose the former, you may not find an article already. If so, feel free to create it! If you find one already there, you can also add to it, by clicking "Edit this page" at the top. All pages (barring those that are protected) can be edited, so go ahead!
  • Q: Who owns the eWrestling Encyclopedia?
  • A: Nobody owns the content of eWE. Contributions are released under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), meaning that your edits are available to be reproduced, as long as credit is given to the original author. Wikia owns the hosting, but has no extra copyright protection over the material. This is your encyclopedia - Everyone who contributes has ultimately got a share of it.
  • Q: I'm not sure how to [Insert problem].
  • A: There is a help guide at Help:Contents, available at all times from the main menu (click "Help"). If you can't find what you're looking for, try contacting us (see here).
  • Q: Can I affiliate with this site?
  • A: We are happy to affiliate with sites, and welcome you to show your support by linking to us, but due to technical limitations 88-by-31 links cannot be created. We are not, however, willing to show a clear bias to one federation on the Wiki.
  • Q: How notable does my wrestler/federation have to be to be included?
  • A: As long as you aren't handling a real wrestler/aren't a real wrestler federation, you can be included here. There are no limits on importance.
  • Q: What's in it for me?
  • A: The eWE won't be able to pay or reward you for your contributions. However, the idea that this will be a resource in five years time to see information that is otherwise hard to obtain should be enough for any good editor to be happy to contribute. Without eWE, many handlers and federations will be forgotten, as over time the face of e-wrestling changes and leaves behind its past.

For more help, see the help guide.

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