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Welcome to the Community Portal. We, here at eWE, have too many things going on from day to day basis. We are currently working on a project start page for you to follow by. In here, we may give out advise on how your article (Company, Handler, Show, or Wrestler) or Template looks. Also, in the works, we will give you a heads-up on how to edit like the rest of us. Please come back to check out the finished product looks like. You can also help us by contacting the Administrators for your ideas (see below). Thanks.

Administrators Section


Member since July 17, 2005 Adopted site since October 2005. Thanks for making this site a ever so expanding site with your knowledge. As of April 27, 2011, we have 9,700 articles and we are close to expanding to pass the 10,000 mark soon in the Spring or Summer of 2011 quarter. Since I adopted the site, there has been changes to the staff but now we have the right combination of workers to to help the site grow and be the best e-wrestling site. If you need help, ask the staff if they could help.


Member since January 2011.I can.


Member since January 2011.

In Other News

In other e-Wrestling News: The e-Wrestling mailing list has been back up online for everyone to use. The eWrestling Encyclopedia is going to go under changes and Sundogs is looking for your suggestions, thoughts, comments, and or things that you like to see done. So, go and stop by Sundogs to post. Also, within the next few days, we will have a poll on the e-Wrestling's main page to see if you guys want a new feature.

Your eWE Administrators are Adamaniac, CA Quakes, Enforcers, HotDice, Jeff Silvers, Spriggins, Sundogs, and Wilberj. Happy posting and thanks for stopping by!

New E-WE Look

Just a reminder, the new skin will be in place in the next few days. Please bare with us and sorry for the long delay. Sundogs user talk | Soap Operas Wiki 18:45, 10 October 2008 (UTC)

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