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Welcome to the Community Portal. Here at eWe, we have prioritized transparency as we work with the community to better connect users and allow them to immortalize their various creations and accomplishments. Below you will find brief introductions to our current staff, including our bureaucrats and administrators. Each of us have an open door policy and encourage anyone interested to submit their ideas, recommendations, or concerns as we continue to do our best to make this community a better place. Thank you for stopping by, and we appreciate all of your contributions to the site.

Meet the Bureaucrats

Brent Harvanator

Member since October 2010. More Information coming soon.


Member since August 2008. More information coming soon.

Meet the Administrators


Member since January 2011. More Information coming soon.

Second City Son

Member since July 2014. More information coming soon.


Member since August 2015. More information coming soon.


Member since November 2016. More information coming soon.

If you or someone you know are interested in becoming an administrator, please contact Brent Harvanator to apply. Vacancies in the administrative team are not guaranteed.