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What is the e-WA?

An out of character forum created by "The 13th" he described it as his way of "giving back" to the e-wrestling community, an attempt to bring together the e-Wrestling, a place to discuss the latest happenings with your characters or federations, meet new friends and catch up with old ones. With the assistance of Bad Boy Benjamin and several others he has created an active forum. Its founding federations were Bakers Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation, Undisputed Hardcore Wrestling, the Insane Wrestling Federation and President Mac's Extreme Wrestling Corporation. In time the community wishes to create an effective and fair ratings system for both roleplayers and federations as a way to endorse companies that are truly exceptional. Recent companies to join the e-WA include the Industry.

What is it's goals?

  • The reason the forum was created was as a way to bring the e-Wrestling Community together, the e-WA is now accepting registrations from ANY federations who would like to support the idea, to become part of its active community and contribute towards the future of the e-Wrestling for future generations.

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