EAW Answers World Championship
Current champion Nasir Escobar
Date won March 3rd, 2018
Promotion EAW
Brand(s) Dynasty
Date created January 14th, 2011
Date retired N/A
Formerly Answers World Championship
Past design(s) EAWAWC
First champion Y2Impact
Most reigns Y2Impact (3)
Most defenses Ares Vendetta (9)
Longest reign Ares Vendetta (7 months and 18 days)
Shortest reign Drastik

The EAW Answers World Championship is a professional e-wrestling world championship in Elite Answers Wrestling (EAW). It is currently part of the Dynasty brand and is one of the three major championships, complimenting the Extreme Answers Wrestling World Championship and the EAW World Heavyweight Championship. It was first established in January 2011 when Extreme Answers Wrestling expanded to three brands.


The title was first competed for when George Copeland and already multi-time World Champion, Y2Impact, faced off in a match at Reasonable Doubt III to determine the first Answers World Champion, a match that Y2Impact won.


The Answers World Championship was invented as the World Championship of the then-newly introduced brand, Voltage, in Extreme Answers Wrestling to act as an equivalent to Dynasty's EAW Championship and Showdown's EAW World Heavyweight Championship.


The Answers World Champions debuted as the premier world championship for the Voltage roster at the time. The first Pain for Pride match that the Answers World Championship was in was at Pain 4 Pride when Lethal Consequences won the championship against Y2Impact and Ashten Cross in a triple threat match. After the EAW Champion and Answers World Champion were drafted to one another's brand, the title became the top championship on the Dynasty brand. During this time, we saw the title be brought back to the stage of Pain for Pride again with Prince of Phenomenal winning the title from Alexander Da Vinci and Liam Catterson being the first to retain the belt as he defended against Johnny Ventura. Drastik would nearly bring the end to the championship by departing from Extreme Answers Wrestling with it and the Interwire Championship after winning the vacated title at House of Glass. The title would soon be resurrected as it would be competed for in a battle royal where the first champion, Y2Impact, would claim his record-setting third reign.



Nasir Esccobar as the EAW Answers World Champion.

The inaugural champion was Y2Impact when he was able to defeat George Copeland at Reasonable Doubt III. There have been sixteen (18) different official champions, with Y2Impact having the most reigns with three individual reigns. The longest reigning Answers World Champion is Ares Vendetta, who held the championship for approximately seven (7) months and eighteen (18) days (between Grand Rampage and Road to Redemption). The shortest reigning Answers World Champion was Drastik who held the championship for less than a day as he left with the titles and the titles were retired that night. The current champion is Nasir Escobar, who is reigning in his first tenure as Answers World Champion in his career. He won the championship at Reckless Wiring (2018) when he defeated the then undefeated Nico Borg in a Last Man Standing match in the main event of the show.

Title History


Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
# Indicates what number the reign is
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign


Name Span of Time
EAW Answers World Championship January 14, 2011 - Present


As of March 21, 2018.

indicates reigns and title changes not recognized by EAW.
# Extremist Reign Defeated Event Lost to Notes
1 Y2Impact 1 George Copeland Reasonable Doubt III Lethal Consequences First Answers World Champion
2 Lethal Consequences 1 Y2Impact and Ashten Cross Pain 4 Pride Alexander Da Vinci First Pain for Pride Match for the title.
3 Alexander Da Vinci 1 Lethal Consequences, RRS, and CM Banks Territorial Invasion III Scott Diamond
4 Scott Diamond 1 Alexander Da Vinci King of Extreme Alexander Da Vinci
5 Alexander Da Vinci 2 Scott Diamond Grand Rampage V Prince of Phenomenal
6 Prince of Phenomenal 1 Alexander Da Vinci Pain for Pride V Colin Kaline
7 Colin Kaline 1 Prince of Phenomenal House of Glass II Y2Impact
8 Y2Impact 2 Elimination Chamber Road to Redemption VI Liam Catterson
9 Liam Catterson 1 Y2Impact Dynasty Drastik Won as a result of the King of Extreme Crown Cash-in after failed CITV attempt by Eddie Mack. Liam would be the only champion to retain the belt at Pain for Pride.
10 Drastik 1 Liam Catterson Midsummer Massacre Extreme Enigma Won as a result of the match that was made via 24/7 Contract
11 Extreme Enigma 1 Drastik Territorial Invasion Vacated
Vacated The Answers World Championship was vacated due to Extreme Enigma's inability to compete and departure.
12 Drastik 2 Liam Catterson, StarrStan and Johnny Ventura House of Glass III Retired After his victory, Drastik left with both the Interwire and Answers World Championships.
Retired The Answers World Championship was retired when Drastik left the company with the titles in his possession.
13 Y2Impact 3 Battle Royal Dynasty StarrStan A battle royal was made on Dynasty to crown a new Answers World Champion to replace Drastik. Y2Impact won and made history with his third reign.
14 StarrStan 1 Elimination Chamber Road to Redemption Dark Demon During this reign, Drastik returned and StarrStan and him fought to unify the titles.
15 Dark Demon 1 StarrStan Reckless Wiring Hades the Hellraiser This was a House of Horrors Match.
16 Hades the Hellraiser 1 Dark Demon and Zack Crash Pain for Pride VII Norman Hellion
17 Norman Hellion 1 Elimination Chamber Road to Redemption 8 StarrStan
18 StarrStan 2 Norman Hellion Reckless Wiring Devan Dubian
18 Devan Dubian 1 StarrStan and Brian Daniels Pain for Pride Eight Mr. DEDEDE
19 Mr. DEDEDE 1 Elimination Chamber Road to Redemption 8 Ares Vendetta
20 Ares Vendetta 1 Mr. DEDEDE Grand Rampage N/A
21 The Pizza Boy 1 Elimination Chamber Road to Redemption Lannister
22 Lannister 1 The Pizza Boy Road to Redemption The Pizza Boy This was a Cash in the Vault Cash-In.
22 The Pizza Boy 2 Lannister Pain For Pride X Nico Borg
23 Nico Borg 1 The Pizza Boy Road to Redemption 2017 N/A This was a Cash in the Vault Cash-In.
24 Nasir Escobar 1 Nico Borg Reckless Wiring 2018
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