EAW National Elite Championship
Current champion Nobi
Date won December 2nd, 2017
Promotion EAW
Brand(s) Showdown
Date created June 13th, 2007
Date retired N/A
Formerly AWF EAW National Answers Championship
EAW National Extreme Championship
Past design(s) NE Belt
First champion Hardy Boyz
Most reigns Robbie V (2 reigns)
Alex Anderson (2 reigns)
Moses X (2 reigns)
Dark Emperor (2 reigns)
The Pizza Boy (2 reigns)
Prince of Phenomenal (2 reigns)
Most defenses Unknown
Longest reign GI Styles (11 months and 2 days)
Shortest reign Troy Conway (~1 week)

The EAW National Elite Championship (formerly EAW National Extreme Championship) is a professional e-wrestling mid-card championship in Elite Answers Wrestling (EAW). It is currently part of the Showdown brand and is one of the three mid-card championships, complimenting the EAW Interwire Championship on the Showdown brand and the EAW Hardcore Championship on the Voltage brand. It was first established in June 2007 when EAW was introduced as a brand within Answers Championship Wrestling as the AWF National Answers Championship. This championship eventually went over to EAW when it became its own federation and the name was changed to the EAW National Extreme Championship. When the company was renamed to Elite Answers Wrestling, the name of the championship was changed to National Elite Championship. Its extensive history is a testament to its distinguishing value to Extreme Answers Wrestling and, most often, its strong mid-card. The National Elite Championship has been held by some of the best competitors in the mid-card, eventual world champions, and Hall of Famers.



The National Elite Championship was a part of AWF before its time in EAW as an independent federation, but the first match and inaugural champion for the EAW National Elite Championship were between Hardy Boyz and Latino Game. On an episode of Dynasty, Hardy Boyz defeated Latino Game to become the first-ever EAW National Elite Champion in the independent Extreme Answers Wrestling federation.


The EAW National Elite Championship has become a very coveted in the company as many future world champions and Hall of Famers have claimed the championship in their quest for eternal greatness. Long-time longest reigning champion and Hall of Famer, Y2Impact is one of many who brought most of the prestige to the championship. After his reign with the National Elite Championship, he soon was to become a world champion and make his way towards being one of the best in the world. Hall of Famer Robbie V is one of four men to hold the championship twice and still holds the record for most reigns with the four men. RRS won his National Elite Championship to be able to bring him to the highly-revered position of Grand Slam Champion. Many other world champions like John Alloy, Hurricane Hawk, Kevin Devastation, Prince of Phenomenal, and Tyler Parker have also won this championship to bring more prestige to the belt in their career.



Current reigning National Elite Champion, Nobi.

The EAW National Elite Championship was introduced June 13th, 2007 (later in 2008 in the independent EAW). The inaugural champion was Hardy Boyz after he defeated Latino Game. There have been thirty-five (35) different official champions, with Robbie V, Dark Emperor, Alex Anderson, Moses X, Prince of Phenomenal, and The Pizza Boy all having the most reigns at two each. The longest reigning EAW National Extreme Champion was Moses X who held the championship for approximately six (6) months and seventeen (17) days. The shortest reigning EAW National Elite Champion was Troy Conway who held the championship nearly a week before losing it to Moses X, who ties the record of most National Elite title reigns. The current champion is Nobi, who is reigning in his first tenure as EAW National Elite Champion. He won the championship when he defeated then-champion Prince of Phenomenal and Stark in a Triple Threat match at Showdown: Kingsroad.

Title History


Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
# Indicates what number the reign is
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign


Name Span of Time
AWF EAW National Answers Championship AWF - Showdown (2008)
EAW National Extreme Championship Showdown (2008) - Road to Redemption VIII
EAW National Elite Championship Road to Redemption VIII - Present


As of March 22, 2018.

indicates reigns and title changes not recognized by EAW.
# Wrestler Reign Event Date Days
Hardy Boyz 1 Dynasty TBD TBD Defeated Latino Game to become inaugural champion.
Latino Game 1 Dynasty TBD TBD
Y2Impact 1 Dynasty TBD TBD
Regulator 1 Road 2 Redemption TBD TBD
Dr. Feelgood 1 Road 2 Redemption TBD TBD Won in a Fatal-4 Way match also featuring Robbie E & Y2Impact.
Robbie V 1 Reckless Wiring TBD TBD
Bobby Cash 1 Dynasty TBD TBD Won in a 5-Way match.
Robbie V 2 Dynasty TBD TBD
Dark Emperor 1 Showdown TBD TBD
Kevin Devastation 1 Territorial Invasion TBD TBD This was a Triple Threat match also featuring TJ Anthony
Dark Emperor 2 Road to Redemption III TBD TBD
Matt Ryder 1 King of Extreme TBD TBD This was a Fatal-4 Way match also featuring Kevin Devastation & Nik-e-G.
Adam 1 Reasonable Doubt TBD TBD
Hurricane Hawk 1 Turbo TBD TBD
RRS 1 Midsummer Massacre TBD TBD This was a Triple Threat match also featuring SG2.
The championship was vacated.
Justin Windgate 1 Dynasty TBD TBD Defeated TBD to win the Vacant Championship.
George Copeland 1 Road to Redemption IV TBD TBD This was a Triple Threat match also featuring Jon Kelton.
John Alloy 1 King of Extreme TBD TBD This was a Triple Threat match also featuring SG2.
Speedy 1 Dynasty TBD TBD
Devan Dubian 1 Pain 4 Pride TBD TBD This was a Triple Threat match also featuring Power.
Alex Anderson 1 Dynasty TBD TBD
Vic Vendetta 1 Dynasty TBD TBD
Alex Anderson 2 Dynasty TBD TBD
Eddie Mack 1 Dynasty TBD TBD
Prince of Phenomenal 1 Reckless Wiring TBD TBD This was a Triple Threat match also featuring Matt Ryder.
Moses X 1 Dynasty TBD TBD This was a Triple Threat match also featuring Matt Ryder.
Sir Hornestky 1 Territorial Invasion TBD TBD
The championship was vacated.
Troy Conway 1 Dynasty TBD TBD
Troy Conway 1 Dynasty TBD TBD Won a Battle Royal for the vacant championship.
Moses X 2 Road to Redemption VI TBD TBD
GI Styles 1 Reckless Wiring TBD TBD
Tyler Parker 1 Reasonable Doubt TBD TBD
Aren Mstislav 1 House of Glass TBD TBD
Christopher Corrupt 1 Dynasty TBD TBD
Tiberius Jones 1 Dynasty TBD TBD
Vance Tybull 1 Midsummer Massacre August 15, 2015 70
Tig Kelly 1 House of Glass October 24, 2015 118
The Pizza Boy 1 Rising Tide February 19, 2016 205
Judas 1 Triple Threat May 28, 2016 43
The Pizza Boy 2 Pain for Pride 9 July 1, 2016 65 Won in a 6-Man Tag Team Table Ladders and Chairs match which was also for Brian Daniels & Cyclones Tag Team Championships.
Nico Borg 1 Showdown: Rite of Passage November 5, 2016 235 This match was caused after Nico cashed in his 24/7 Contract.
Rex McAllister 1 Reasonable Doubt: Judgement Day February 25, 2017 119 This was a Triple Threat match also featuring Matt Ryder.
Stark 1 Pain For Pride X June 24, 2017 63
Prince of Phenomenal 2 Territorial Invasion 2017 August 26, 2017 98
44 Nobi 1 Showdown: Kingsroad December 2nd, 2017 109+ This was a Triple Threat Match also featuring Stark.
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