EAW Voltage
Voltage 2014
Federation Elite Answers Wrestling
Starring Voltage Roster
Theme music "Beast" by Busta Rhymes, Tech N9ne and KXNG Crooked
General manager Kenny Drake
Established 2011
Episodes ~250 episodes
Booker Scott Oasis
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Wrestler Hometown Notes
Amadeus Flag of Japan Naha, Okinawa, Japan Member of Sanatorium / Psych Ward
EAW Interwire Champion
Anthony Leonhart Flag of Japan Osaka, Japan via Paris, France
Apocalypse Flag of the United States Prescott Hills Sanatorium, Arizona Member of Sanatorium / Psych Ward
Aren Mstislav Flag of Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia
Cameron Ella Ava Flag of the United States Los Angeles, California
Chris Elite Flag of the United States Brooklyn, New York
Cody Marshall Flag of the United States Austin, Texas
El Irónico Flag of England Doncaster, England
Finnegan Wakefield Flag of England Bury St. Edmunds, West Suffolk, England
Harvey Yorke Flag of England Ripon, North Yorkshire, England
J.D. Damon Flag of the United Kingdom Los Angeles, California
Jamie O'Hara Flag of Australia Melbourne, Victoria, Australia EAW World Heavyweight Champion
Jon McAdams Flag of England London, England
Keelan Cetinich Flag of Australia Logan City, Queensland, Australia
Lars Grier Flag of the United States Cincinnati, Ohio
Moongoose McQueen Flag of the United States Austin Texas EAW New Breed Champion
Mr. DEDEDE Flag of the United States Calabasas, California EAW Hall of Famer
EAW Chairman
Shaker Jones Flag of Canada Inglis, Manitoba, Canada
Solomon Caine Flag of Parts Unknown Parts Unknown Member of Sanatorium / Psych Ward
TLA Flag of the United States The Poon Palace in Miami, Florida

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