This is a chronological list of wrestlers that have been ECFW United States champion. The now defunct ECFW United States Championship was an exclusive professional wrestling title.

Title History

Champion Won From Event/Date
Kid USA (Vacant); Beat Big Blue Devil and Tsai Jingkai in Determining Match Friday Night Fury on 2/21/03
The Warrior Kid USA Sunday Night Suspense on 3/9/03
Kid Machinko The Warrior King of Kings on 4/5/03
J-Dogg Kid Machinko Cyber Carnage II on 5/10/03
Duke Thorn (Vacant); Beat Justin Warner & PJ Pimp Daddy in Determining Match Hall of Pain on 9/6/03
PJ Pimp Daddy Duke Thorn Thursday Night Thrashing on 9/18/03
Andre Machinko PJ Pimp Daddy Thursday Night Thrashing on 10/23/03
Big Blue Devil Andre Machinko; later unified the U.S. & IC Titles on 11/8/03 Sunday Night Suspense on 10/26/03
Justin Warner (Vacant); Beat ArJay in Determining Match Cyber Carnage III on 5/15/04
Lonewolf (Vacant); Beat Jason Blade in Determining Match; later unified the U.S. & IC Titles on 9/30/04 Buried Alive on 7/17/04
Rob Black (Vacant); Won Determining Royal Rumble Match Cyber Carnage IV on 5/21/05
Brother Matthew (Vacant); Pinned Rob Black in Determining 4-Way Match Extreme Pain on 8/13/05
Danny Caine (Vacant); Won Determining Battle Royal Tuesday Night Terror on 9/13/05
Banzai Danny Caine Death Wish on 10/22/05
Donny Downfall Banzai Tuesday Night Terror on 11/8/05
Max McCants Donny Downfall Aggression on 2/4/06
Assassin Max McCants Cyber Carnage V on 5/6/06
Max McCants Assassin Cyber Carnage V on 5/6/06
Assassin Scottie Caine Extreme Pain on 8/26/06

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