Showtime is the weekly TV show of the Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation.

Internet Stream

Showtime began initially as a show streamed to ECWF's website, for fans to watch. The first five shows, up until November 7, 2006. After this, the MSG network obtained television rights to ECWF programming, which at the time also included XTreme, a brand which has since become defunct.

MSG Network

ECWF Showtime launched on the MSG network on November 14, 2006, with a completely revamped look. However, ECWF's time on MSG was plagued with problems. XTreme was constantly bumped to make way for other programming, eventually being cancelled altogether, and MSG technicians became notorious for their errors. In one particularly bad week, the live feed to the MSG network was pulled just ten seconds into the broadcast, resulting in fans seeing an hour of blank TV screen. No-one noticed until half an hour after the show. The tape of the show was run the next week, as part of a double episode, further marred by mistakes with wrestler themes, and nameplates.

Spike TV

Spike TV eventually showed an interest in the ECWF product, and Paul Heyman took the deal as quickly as possible. Again, the graphical look of the program was completely redesigned, almost totally dropping the Broken74 font, which had become a staple of ECWF broadcasts, but was difficult to read.

However, the newfound publicity resulted in a quick lawsuit from WWE. This delayed the first Spike TV episode of Showtime (initially scheduled for March 20th) until June 26.

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