EHWF Board of Directors or more commonly referred to as The Board. Is a group of high ranked staff members within the EHWF, that can rival the power of the companies owner. It is believed to be made up of twelve members, however no information can be provided to prove or disprove this statement. In fact, the Board has managed to keep out of touch of the EHWF for most of its existence, and only a handful of members have ever come to public knowledge.

Known Members: Gage Collosuse, David Mulhare, Richard Hackman

Suspected Members: Many suspect that Nichole Young is actually a member of the Board, however she has never stated any position within the company outside of the CEO and very well could act only as a median between the Board and the rest of the EHWF and public. However it is believed that if she isn’t part of the board she may be one of the only members of the EHWF staff or roster outside of the Board itself that knows the identity of each board member. As stated in an interview a while back, Baker himself has never been made member.

Other people suspected, but seem unlikely would include EHWF superstar Black Widow, Adam Cox who has since been named a General Manager of FullHouse and has been battling with the Board for several months, and Tricky Dick who is now recognized officially as the EHWF Talent Evaluator.

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