The EUW World Championship

The EUW World Championship is the highest and most prestigious championship in EUW.

Current Champion

Meltdown, the current EUW World Champion, won the title from Warrior at Besieged on December 24th, 2007. The two fought in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match. Warrior garnered the first fall, but Meltdown came back to get two falls in a row to become the EUW World Heavyweight Champion.

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Notes:
"The Rising Star" Gabe Newell 1 July 3, 2005 Gabe Newell defeated Trent Sickness in the tournament finals at the Pain in Vain PPV to become the first ever EUW World Champion.
Trent Sickness 1 August 7, 2005 Trent Sickness defeated J. Janetty (replacement for Gabe Newell) in a Table Match on Sunday Night Suicide.
Athen 1 September 25, 2005 Athen defeated Trent Sickness in a Dog Collar Match at the Under Destruction PPV.
Orge Lambart 1 October 29, 2005 Orge Lambart defeated Athen in an Athen's Rules match at the Besiged PPV.
Trent Sickness 2 December 24, 2005 Trent Sickness defeated Orge Lambart (c), Gabe Newell & Leo Merris in No-Limit Four Way Match at the Nightmare On Christmas PPV.
Seamus Corcoran 1 April 1, 2006 Seamus Corcoran defeated Trent Sickness(c) in a Deadly Draw Match at the Darkest Days PPV.
Nick Fudge 1 July 2, 2006 Nick Fudge defeated Gabe Newell (the title had been vacated) in a Singles Match at the Pain in Vain PPV.
Chris Apollo 1 August 6, 2006 Chris Apollo defeated Nick Fudge(c) in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at the Re-Volt PPV.
Seamus Corcoron 2 October 8, 2006 Seamus Corcoran defeated King Carter, Gabe Newell & Fallen One (title had been vacated) in a No-DQ Four Way Match at the Under Destruction PPV.
King Carter 1 February 19, 2007 King Carter defeated Seamus Corcoran(c) in a No-DQ Match at Back 2 Roots.
Warrior 1 May 21, 2007 Warrior defeated King Carter(c) in a No-DQ Iron Man Match on a special edition of MNS.
Tom Roberts 1 August 17, 2007 Tom Roberts defeated Warrior(c) and Fallen One in a Triple Threat Match at Ring of Fire after pinning Fallen One.
Warrior 2 November 5, 2007 Warrior defeated The Creep, King Carter, Trent Sickness, and King Carter (title had been vacated) in a King of the Mountain match at Hourglass Hours.
Meltdown 1 December 24, 2007 Meltdown defeated Warrior(c) in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match at Besieged.

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