This title in its short lifespan has been one of the highly regarded EVE Titles because it helps pave the way of some future superstars such as "Metal" Michael Toaster Alex Storm and Josh The Jersey BoyThis title was originally the GWF Cruiserweight Championship until it was renamed the GWF/EVE Interpromotional Title.

The Championship Holders

Though the Crusierweight Title's name was changed it was decided the Champion would still remain the same, this makes Alex Storm the first ever Interpromotional Champion. But he evnetually was beaten by Harth until a newcomer named Josh the Jersey Boy beat him for the title in a triple threat match.

Josh the Jersey Boy's reign was short lived however, because at GWF's Destiny Fulfilled JJB lost the title to Golden Stinger. Stinger found out that revenge is a bitch because at EVE's Christmas PPV he was beaten by Josh the Jersey Boy.

Josh the Jersey Boy began to feud with Jack Roberts, Jack was & foot giant and extremely powerful. Jack pinned Josh the Jersey Boy in a 3-Fall Fatal 4 Way Cage Match. he made the first pin securing himself the title. Josh the jersey Boy later had a rematch with the giant in a glass attic mach. Unfortunately the match was extremely brutal and Josh the Jersey Boy failed to win back the title.

Title History

Alex Storm - 9/17/2006

Originally, the Cruiserweight title was the IP title, but it was then decided by SheltonSplash that the 2 titles would be separate, so the CW title was retired.

Harth - 10/22/2006 Defeated Alex Storm to win the title

Josh the Jersey Boy - 11/7/2006 Defeated Harth and Smoke in a Triple Threat match to win the title

The Golden Stinger - 11/19/2006 Defeated Josh at Destiny Fulfilled

Josh the Jersey Boy - 12/24/2006 Defeated Golden Stinger to win the title

Jack 'The Giant' Roberts - 01/17/07 Defeated Josh the Jersey Boy in a 3-Fall Fatal 4 Way Cage Match, Jack was the one who made the first pin securing himself the Interpromotional championship


Longest Title Reign: Alex Storm 1 Month, 5 Days

Shortest Title Reign: Josh The Jersey Boy 12 Days

Most Title Reigns: Josh the Jersey Boy 2 Reigns as Champion

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