EWA Triple Crown Championship
[[Image:|px|Image of EWA Triple Crown Championship]]
Current champion Triple H
Date won August 7, 2005
Promotion E-Wrestling Alliance
Date created
Date retired
Other name(s)
Past design(s)
First champion Steve Austin
Most reigns Chris Jericho
6 reigns
Most defenses
Longest reign
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Shortest reign

Background Information On Title

In EWA there were three championships, well more than that, but three that are significant to the history of this title. The International, Euro-American (European and American titles as one), and World championships. Once Harry Smith became International and Euro-American champion, he was awarded the vacant World title, thus becoming the first ever Triple Crown champion.

Yet another title was added to the mix when Steve Corino defeated Lance Storm at Mayhem 2008, retaining the Ring of Honor world title and winning the Triple Crown title. The ROH title is now just another brick in the wall that is the Triple Crown Championship.

The Title has seen its fair share of controversy. From Chris Jerhico (5th Reign)and Triple H (3rd Reign) leaving the company during their title reigns to competitors losing their titles due to unification matches on the same night they won the belt(Waltmans's first reign came to an end at the hands of Rhyno when the EWA and XWA titles were merged).

Please remember, that this is the World and Triple Crown title histories rolled into one. Some matches may not have event names, because those have been lost in in time when our site experienced problems. However, we worked with the people who won the titles, who had luckily, recorded dates. (Titles where the event is not known will say N/A, but you can probably figure that out).


Title history

Wrestler: Reigns: Date Won: Event:
Steve Austin 1 August 19, 2001 Summerslam
Rob Van Dam 1 October 21, 2001 No Mercy
Chris Jericho 1 November 18, 2001 Super Brawl I
Steve Austin 2 November 26, 2001 Monday Night Meltdown
The Rock 1 December 23, 2001 Armageddon
Raven 1 January 20, 2002 Royal Rumble
Rob Van Dam 2 March 23, 2002 Wrestlemania
Raven 2 April 21, 2002 Rebellion
Rob Van Dam 3 May 19, 2002 Betrayal
Chris Jericho 2 July 21, 2002 Summerslam
Steve Austin 3 October 20, 2002 Holocaust
Undertaker 1 November 17, 2002 Doomsday
Chris Jericho 3 December 22, 2002 Super Brawl II
Rob Van Dam 4 February 2, 2003 N/A
Sean Waltman 1 March 16, 2003 Revolution
Rhyno 1 March 16, 2003 Revolution
Sean Waltman 2 April 20, 2003 N/A
Shane Helms 1 June 29, 2003 N/A
Rob Van Dam 5 August 3, 2003 N/A
Steve Austin 4 October 12, 2003 N/A
AJ Styles 1 November 16, 2003 N/A
Steve Austin 5 December 21, 2003 Super Brawl III
Chris Jericho 5 January 25, 2004 N/A
Undertaker 2 February 29, 2004 N/A
Sean Waltman 3 March 17, 2004 N/A
Edge 1 May 23, 2004 N/A
Triple H 1 August 1, 2004 N/A
Chris Jericho 6 September 26, 2004 N/A
Triple H 2 October 24, 2004 N/A
Randy Orton 1 November 21, 2004 N/A
Stevie Richards 1 February 13, 2005 N/A
Sting 1 April 10, 2005 N/A
Triple H 3 August 7, 2005 N/A

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