EWA Warzone
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Promotion E-Wrestling Alliance
Brand(s) N/A
Competitors All EWA Roster Members
Company Shows
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Warzone is one of the shows featured in the EFN owned E-Wrestling Alliance. Warzone was first televised on December 24, 2003. It was a weekly show for a while, but started only being televised once or twice a month. It was only televised twice in 2006. Warzone became defunct for a while after the last show in 2006 (5/10/06). More than a year later, Warzone resurfaced in July 2007. This time however, Warzone was featured as another brand, competing with SLAM. It was announced that Warzone's General Manager would be Sergeant Slaughter on EWA's Red, White, and Bruised pay-per-view (7/4/07). The first episode of 2007 held the beginning of the Television Title Contender Tournament.

2008. EWA was predicted to be better than ever because of the brand split, however the brand split caused some problems. Superstars who were feuding before wanted to continue their feuds and due to the split, they couldn't. They were basically told to "get over it" by Shane McMahon. However, on February 6, 2008 EWA held a staff meeting. They came to the decision that reuniting the rosters would be the best idea. They also decided that even though the rosters are united, the general managers will still have control of their respective shows. Reuniting the rosters, seemed to make the "better than ever" prediction true.

One star who began his rise to greatness on the Warzone brand is former two time Ring of Honor (EFN Company- Now Defunct) champion, Steve Corino. He won his first match over Ken Kennedy on Warzone. Within his first couple of months on the brand he defeated greats such as Tommy Dreamer and Sylvan Grenier. He has recently risen even higher, becoming EWA Triple Crown Champion at Mayhem. After winning the title, it is not known how often Steve Corino will be on Warzone since the brands have reunited, and SLAM is flagship brand.

Extra Facts:

1. Warzone's current opening theme song is "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath

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